Quotes for: aoaatube

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1"Didn't get 20. Didn't want to *** die!"
2"Wow you've lasted longer than 20 minutes? This is new" - Holxie
3"I'm gonna cum at him"
4"I've got one hand doing this, this is hard!"
5"Anticlimactic - The only word Holly uses to describe Tom in bed." - ThePlebz
6"I can't be ginger hitler as much as I'd love to be ginger hitler"
7"It's so hard, I can't eat it!" - AOAATube
8"That was hard to swallow, trust me." - AOAATube 2k15
9"I was as Hollie's house, I couldn't get out of her bed Kreygasm "
10'Wrong Hole' - AOAATube 2K15
11"I took it down the wrong hole, mate." -AOAATube 2K15
12I want to tell you a funny kokle Tom. My GSCE Egenlish rezults - CallingOut
13"Tom over Jay, that's how it should be KappaPride "
14"Don't 69 me, please."
15"Rune meds - 'Cause your gargantuan nose can't fit into a full helm" - AnalogTaco 2K16
16"My mum asked why I'm watching your stream instead of boaty and I replied 'I don't nose' Keepo " - B_enRS
17"What do I look like with this big dick on my face? Do I look gorgeous?"
18'It feels hard' - Tom, 18/3/2016
19'I can't even swallow it' - Tom, 18/3/2016
20I'm stroking the dog man - Tom 2016
21"Spiders? Slap Emily on her nose. - Midni9ht 2K16"
22Ooh, I want him! I want him bad!
24"It's too much to put in my mouth!" - AOAATube
25"I TOLD YOU WE SHOULD HAVE HOPPED" -AoaaTube after getting killed by sv instantly in wildy
26"Mate i'd fuck a horse if you could guarantee no one would find out. Any hole is a goal." - BlueDrag580 10/1/2016
27Anteeks got me behind the door, and I couldn't do anything at that point straight up. KappaPride
28"Thomas the red nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose" - Some guy in chat Probably
29"It is (REDACTED) my birthday today" - @AOAATube every day of every year
30"If theres grass play ball" - Tom "Bignose" Bludd 3/1/2017
31It's a kiddie pool, it's not a hot tub!