Quotes for: skillspecs

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1"Staking is always on my mind, you know that."
2"Fuck my life, Raggy. You've made my day and broken my day."
3"My mute button is kind of set to caps lock" "Why?" "I don't fucking know!"
4"Show me your balls Ian, I'm 29!"
5"I'll let Jess plug it in."
6"BIG WORDS?!?... I can't read big words.."
7"Do I even want to open the scary door of doom?"
8"Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Oh, no. Still alive." - Jess
9"Oh I love Sparc Mac's semen" -Jess
10"I just want to beat you"
11"What's 1 hours 47 minutes plus an hour?"
12"He just kept beating me"
13"Don't be silly Ian, I'll touch your willy." - Skill Specs ianPride
14"i dont do drugs"
15"Jay pull out like your Dad should have"
16bread and water baby FeelsBirthdayMan
1717 im jay and im fabulous
18You little fucking pussy fart
19fuck off man, thats sooooooo depressing, ooooh you've got no ideaaaa ooooeh ahhhh.. oh myyy oh myyy godd.. you're such a fucking... oh my goood i wanna smash the fock out of everything in this fucking * smashing in background* ahhh oehhh oeeeh my god oh my christ, oeeh aaahh * slap * oeehh aaahh you fucking ....little pussyfart fucking oehhh
20I remember hacking Zebsters
21"I remember when zebsters fingered my nan" - skillSpecs 2k15
23CiGrip or No Grip
24i'm incredibly sticky. its all on me!
25i did it with you, we almost died
26Jess plays with me
27jess has been going hard on my balls right now - Jay 2015
28"Jess, Get the finest of pens, and add Haci's name to the finest of balls" boatyHaci
29Jess dominates you? oh i love a good dildo in my arse - KappaPride specs 2015
30"thanks for the loan, ags"
31"This means I can slip into this guy's crack"
32"It's in his hands bro, it's in his hand" KappaPride
33You can't protect from cabbage!
34"I need to get this hard real quick"
35fuck that rod - KappaPride
36!quote i know what a charmander is its the fire pet
37"counting the alphabet"
38"I don't even get pies anymore"
39"Hydrogen peroxide, isn't that just air?"
40"your Nan's a girl" - Jay 2k16
41!quote mayo and lube are the same thing
42The Most Important Meal of the Day Serving It Up Gary's Way.
43!quote The Most Important Meal of the Day Serving It Up Gary's Way.
44lets focus on selling profit LUL
45"shooting pearls"
46I am so fucking shit it's unbelievable FAM.
48now you've got me thinking about beating off guys
49"Fuck your nan mate shes got flappy flaps SMORc "
50Clearly my nan uses Colgate and yours doesn't.
51i'm really suckin
52always a cockmeat salad man always being tossed up with a bunch of meat into the fuckin bowl man
53Sam, you gonna smash and come?
54£2 is not enough
55Mateo_4_: AMOrc
56SkillSpecs: might even face cam for u ;)
57I wanna eat myself skillCreep
58"My pullout game is weak but maybe if Jeff was... mmmmmm"
60skillRage oi m8 how many fokin punches u gonna take m8 I swear 2 god skillRage
61"I try and fist people all the time" Jay 2k17
62Mateo_4_: TriHarf
63Mithrility: erid is awesome
64I'm going deeper and deeper, pretty creepy actually skillCreep
65Tiny_lron: !fliop
66rip nans pension
67"I smell semen, redbull... and cat." - Jay 06/05/2017
68"Lololololahahahahaha" - https://clips.twitch.tv/ManlySmoggySandstormDogFace
70"How did I do that? I smashed the keyboard and my i had a hat" (í)
71"I only stake for the thrill, I dont care about GP"
72this is weezuby's swamp FeelsGoodMan
73"Whipping cocks out? I'm game!"
74"Shrek probably got a big dick. I've seen some crazy Shrek porn before."
75"weezuby is your daddy. call him your daddy." - Jess
76"Let's go hotdog hands lets go Clap " - Jess
77"I love dick!" - https://clips.twitch.tv/AssiduousPunchyFennelNerfBlueBlaster
78emilyW https://gyazo.com/47df329960b1ee453796b434cc90d744
79"97 defence means jack diddly squat you purple little fuck!"
80"my big thick ogre sausage"
81HD made it 10x better!
83"I'm gay, what do you mean?"
85"At least we can get a brojob from weezuby."
86"Eleventeen k cooked chicken."
87I want Jim in my mouth -skillspecs 2017
89"81 mage bonus, basically Ahrims at this point."
90what kind of name is lenny? fuck off back to the simpsons moe's waiting - Skill Specs
91"It's alright to fantasize about men, as long as you don't put in the tip."
92zuby_: im the nicest nazi you'll mead
93SkillSpecs: feelsbirthman
95B0aty: BAN ALL boatySD
96nightmares at night
98please hit jay
99Where is Nardah - AOAATube 2017
101Who is a newb now you little pussy worm
102"Splash me with milk and eat me!"
103Petrushka_ Scotland is a budget ireland
104Practice with an msb, msbs don't have a spec either
105Are you having a Jaffa Cake? skillSmash
106You've got to be kidding me. I've been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as an Ironman if you decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use help from a main account even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. b0aty ,It's just common sense.
107"I don't even know who Lance Armstrong is - I think he's the moon guy"
108"what are you a condom? how slippery are you"
109Mateo_4_: me and torvesta are gonna double ags u again lmao, ur fked
110YoYoMP: is Uice J Curtis?
111"I'm not going back to the arena dude" - skill specs
112"Let me see my junk" Skillspecs 2018
113Believe me, @ChickenMuffins is better than @Meleed_ skillLove
114Torvesta: ty ur better pker
115"Nah I heared, I seed you say, i sid you say, fuck i heared you say, no... I read you say" https://clips.twitch.tv/MoldyConcernedFennelPeteZarollTie
116"Oh, It's drugs!" - stakedu 2018
117750 you aggoracant little smorc
118Are you genuinely getting lippy on my stream brother? Where i am the swamp owner?? I am the king in this fucking domain brother. Don’t even have - DON’T give me lip, bro. Here’s your final chance, man. You pipe up one more time, brother, it’ll be the last time you pipe up anywhere, man. Alright? I’m a moderator in multiple respectable twitch channels amongst the community, and i will put you in your place in each and every twitch channel i go to. Do not give me lip, PUSSY.
120Fuyckign breain dead
121He can't kill me PepeLaugh
122"You either get shat on, or you take the shit" - Skillspecs, 25/04 - 2019
123Aidyy: tRIhARD