Commands for: stewie_5

!cc@{touser} Bullied Bob
!dpi800 5/11
!freesub{touser} Subscribe free with Twitch Prime today!
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!locLocation for {args:0:} {args:1:} {args:2:} {args:3:} {args:4:} {args:5:} {args:6:} {args:7:} {args:8:} not found.
!love{channel} has been given {count} loves.
!mousemodel o
!onlinedrillathis dude drilla flicks tank gear way before pray swaps where westham is optimizing pray swaps over tank swaps which is letting that dude get more damage but on pvp tracker it look like westhams doing better but he obv isnt. if you play lms a lot you know how much a difference veracs plateskirt is for negating fat range and mage hits, which is where drilla dude is dominating . I see westham getting right prays but on robes . this dude getting wrong prays in tank.
!resizable@{touser} I am using resizable mode in a regular sized window without stretching.
!rng{sender} your random number [1-{args:0:20}] is {random:1:{args:0:20}}
!sens800 5/11
!stats{sender} use !cstats name