Commands for: stew

!7tv7TV is an emote extension that allows the use of tons of emotes (especially wide ones). Get the browser extension on
!ahkQuick login ahk script - or install Shortkeys
!bmmRestricts buying items from the g.e. until that item is obtained through self-sufficent methods or from pking other players. Shows an item unlock graphic every time you obtain an item for the first time. Account =
!claimclaim these balls
!crystalbowhere are my thoughts on the proposed weapon changes
!cursortrout resurrected
!defencetraining to 99 defence while kindly taking items from pvmers at the rev caves.
!dpi800 dpi; 5/11 windows. edpi = 600
!drillait's !onlinedrilla you donkey
!dropsduo fang off stream :)
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!gearchangerrunelite --> plugin hub --> weapon/gear/anim replacer
!giga70% of max hit or higher - megagiga > 90%. Please do use both terms carefully.
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!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!imstewieim stewie i won 1 nh tourny vs a guy who just logged in meanwhile i warmed up / and than i avoid him when he getting warm lmfao l0l0l
!keyboardCorsair Gaming K65
!keysQ invy W prayers E & R click T spec Space mage F take offs
!locLocation for {args:0:} {args:1:} {args:2:} {args:3:} {args:4:} {args:5:} {args:6:} {args:7:} {args:8:} not found.
!login@{touser} type !ahk
!love{channel} has been given {count} loves.
!mouseLogitech G Pro X Superlight
!neckdeepNeck Deep has played {count} times today ResidentSleeper
!ofno feet pics on twitch
!onlinedrillathis dude drilla flicks tank gear way before pray swaps where westham is optimizing pray swaps over tank swaps which is letting that dude get more damage but on pvp tracker it look like westhams doing better but he obv isnt. if you play lms a lot you know how much a difference veracs plateskirt is for negating fat range and mage hits, which is where drilla dude is dominating . I see westham getting right prays but on robes . this dude getting wrong prays in tank.
!paidactorFor 10M You will die to me for a max set which will be refunded at the end of the stream.
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!resizable@{touser} I am using resizable mode in a regular sized window without stretching.
!rng{sender} your random number [1-{args:0:20}] is {random:1:{args:0:20}}
!rsnrsn changer plugin my guy
!sens800 5/11
!snipeits funny how you call it stream snipe when a kid literally tells me to wait in this world for u to log in, then i hear in discord u are streaming so i check it out for a sec
!stats{sender} use !cstats name
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!today and
!transmogWeapon/Gear/Anim Replacer plugin from plugin hub
!yesterday | |
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dogJamdogJam dogJam dogJam
resizeableso theoretically due to playing on a smaller video game screen you have every tool at hand very close to each other resulting in less mouse movement and better clicks for an overall better gaming experience thanks