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!aoa I will be live everyday this month... without fail boatyImAsking on time boatyImAsking and not late boatyImAsking
!areasdesert, karamja, wilderness
!auscurrently in Perth, not sure how long skillFAM
!australiacurrently in Perth, not sure how long skillFAM
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!bestclue 16m PogChamp
!bikeJay fell off his bike breaking his clavicle monkaBike -
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!cc''Skill Specs'' Sometimes locked to friends only during events, but usually open for all chatters :)
!chairDX racer wooden edition pro 2016 limited edition PogChamp
!clashTodays stream is sponsored by clash of clans! If you are interested in trying out the game scan the QR code on the stream or to download, I don't usually do mobile games but this ones been around for a long time and I have heard good things so lets see what its about <3
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!cookingCooking stream tonight! no time yet
!debtskillspecs debt is nunya.
!delaya lot
!dfsThe dfs in the bank will not be sold as jay got the visage as a drop from lava dragons SMOrc
!dimpsI spent the last 17 months in Puro Puro FeelsBadMan
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!donatorDonator is taking over Jay's stream so we can finally see some kills - be sure to check him out!
!dropsKbow (sold 5m)
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!epEP is earned potential. whilst in combat in bounty hunter you gain EP. Upon killing a target, you roll a chance at a crate with a tier = to that of your current ep. Upon receiving a crate, your EP resets.
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!ezboiEZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage EZ BOI skillRage
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!freezeskillRage Three dragon bolt specs you're still standing? Three a-khhk-fuckin freeze this bitch. Freeze this fucker. Fucking freeze him. Just fucking freeze him. Fucking freeze him. Just fucking freeze him. OH my gOD. Splash. Bad enough this things fucking terrible dude, legit noodle arms and shit. It's so shit. It's so fucking shit, so innacurate. It's so fucking shit, and it still splashes dude. You know it needs a buff bro. It needs fuckin somethi-*deep inhale* skillRage
!gasskillRage fuck it gets me so down what a waste. I wish I could sit there and tell you I had a good game mate five players killed bro, but to be quite fair NO I didn’t have a good game cause every si-every five *smash* fucking seconds I’m dying to the gas *loud smash* fucking gas and every fukin five seconds mate always that gas bro *inaudible mic smash* fuckin *still mic smash* too fast man *mic still being smashed* gas is your opponent not the enemy mate, fuck the enemies skillRage
!gaspthrough the fucking *inhale*! A 33 barrage?!?! Why do I even pray, wtf did you just do a 33 through the pray? Wot do you, wot do, wtf? How's that even pos- that's genuinly not even possible! That's not possible! ThAt Is NoT fUcKiNg PoSsIbLe!
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!goodboyeany good boyes in here? Wowee /
!hours~ 14,000 hrs on Rust
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!inferno completed 26/03/2023
!introThe intro screen art was made by the talented Legend Arts :)
!jayHe's a solid 7 skillBob
!jeffboatyDrugsF / mai naem iz jeff
!joehey I'm joe
!jordy boatyIQ
!kickNo. PeepoFinger
!lagstreamer knows the stream is lagging, please don't tell the streamer its lagging FeelsLagMan
!lateFullTime SMOrc 4Head
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!lolaLola is safe and home skillLove
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!masoripaid 600m ea piece of masori day of release
!mateo🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap 🐂 Clap
!micRageSpecs 🎙️ SMASHED IT!
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!modYou not lucky. skillV
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!newvidJagex Made The Wilderness Great Again! ft. Torvesta -
!nextstreamJay's next stream will be in a few hours from now (22:50PM BST)
!oddsOdds are always 50/50 for @SkillSpecs - he either wins or he doesn't.
!onlyfansWhy? Uhmge
!PapiThe King and Maker of this ogre.
!pasta1i hope you get the clout you so desire from retweeting me. You're a bum. I'll look for you in 5 years. I hope for you you're still reasonably successful (I don't wish hardship on anyone) but you're pathertic. Good luck kid. The clock is ticking.
!petsLolacat Sassycat
!phishingIf you see a stream that claims that a popular streamer is quitting, or OSRS is having a double exp event, its not true. This streams try to lead you to a fake version of the runescape forums to attempt to phish your username and password. Click here for more information:
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!podcastI was recently invited on the Sae Bae Cast, be sure to check it out!
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!profitNice joke LUL
!putback┬─┬ ノ skillV
!quote103“stop sniffing me man”
!quote2023"stupid chair why did you get in the way of the hand"
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!signsNeed a fancy new Runescape themed LED sign or even a Runescape mousemat?! code SKILLSPECS to save 10% on checkout at
!skillSMOrc\ skillThump / 🔫 skillSMOrc
!skillspecsgiveaway"Gear up in Karils and come fight me"
!slaywhale{count} whales have been slain! boaty1 boaty2 boatyWhale
!smashcountThe streamer has smashed approximately 6,729,051 times.
!smorcsmorc mate
!smorcmacsOn the first day of smorcmas my ogre gave to me, One smashed christmas treeee.
!smorcmasYEP Christmas
!songdinkDonk song name ogre TELL US! dinkDonk
!specsThe PC I got from Ironside has the following: RTX 3070, Intel i5-10600k, 1TB M.2, 32GB RAM, 1 x Small Ogre that makes SkillSpecs good at PvP
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!tarThe tar is worth 100m
!thewinskillV roight guize dis iz da win pgchomp in da chet
!todayblood pressure up, bank value down
!toucanDrinkPurple DrinkPurple
!triggerfuck off man, thats sodapressing , ooooh you've got no ideaaaa ooooeh ahhhh.. oh myyy oh myyy godd.. you're such a fucking... oh my goood i wanna smash the fock out of everything in this fucking * smashing in background* ahhh oehhh oeeeh my god oh my christ, oeeh aaahh * slap * oeehh aaahh you fucking ....little pussyfart fucking oehhh
!trigger2yeah-mate-uh- you don't even DESERVE the kill bro it is what it is at the end of the day man this game takes huge fat STEAMY DUMPS *smashing* ON MY FUCKING HEAD bro and i HATE IT, I FUCKING HATE IT BRO RageSpecs WHERE IS SPECS' RNG? I'M SAT THERE 👏 ABSOLUTELY 👏 FINNESSING 👏 THE 👏 CUNT 👏 and i dont gET SHIT FOR IT. EVER. fuck off bro, whatEVER. Guy sits there and he 115s in brid and he specs me his ags into gmaul, THROUGH THE PRAYER might I add.
!trigger3WHAT! How many times do I have to take risks before they payoff man, I'm not gonna do it anymore it's not worth it, it's just not fucking worth it, it's not, it's not worth it bro, it's not worth it, it's not, fucking so stupid, my pid my hit my beautiful beautiful didn't have vengeance nothing. The axe could've been so high the potential could've fucking been through roof but no legit same old shit fucking 0s AYAYA *spits* fucking triggers me. aww..
!VoltsShut up Volts__
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!waterNOPERS no water, Red Bull YEP
!whereJay is in Perth :)
!whipthe new whip is a cosmetic kit from the new leagues rewards shop
!whipdashWhipdash is a bot solely created to entertain the chat. It is NOT a real human being.
!worldfilterClick on the settings on the world list at top left, search “70” (or whatever bracket you’re in) press enter thank me later skillLove
!zuby90% of the chat skillRage
!zz5Can I get a golden Kappa check?
¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_ SMOrc _/¯
AOAI will be live everyday this month... without fail boatyImAsking on time boatyImAsking and not late boatyImAsking
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