Commands for: skiddlerrs

!10kchinsFuck off {sender}
!4:1 EvScape guide - Synq guide -
!arma2x Armadyl Chainskirt, 2x Arma helm (1 minion), 1x Armadyl chestplate
!arrested🚓 Wee woo! You're under arrest! For being EPICALLY smorced! 👮 ⛓ Type Poooound to be freed from BRO-custody! 🚓
!avernic315 Kc
!bandos1x Bandos Chestplate, 1x Pet Graardor, 2x Bandos tassets, 1x Bandos Hilt
!barrows(GIMP): Guthans spear, Dharoks platebody
!bbm14skidBooty skidBooty
!bbm15skidBooty skidBooty
!betacodeGroup Ironman beta is now live; follow the instructions in this video to claim your code
!burger🍔 👑 🦶 🥬
!ccJoin "Skidmeister" you twat
!clipsYou're an idiot.
!corp1 x Spirit Shield, 175 x Onyx Bolts, 1 x Burnt
!coxdo !raids idiot
!crosshairits blue...
!debtAbout 45b debt, paying back slowly
!debt2Currently in 20B debt to : GingerBeardie Shents Ginge Ali (5B each)
!delay3 mins (by law i have to add a delay)
! Discord is open for all. Make sure if you're subbed, you link your Twitch in the Connection Settings to join sub channels
!freemembershipPRIME USERS: Twitch PRIME = 14 days of free RS membership & 1 Free sub per month! Claim @ | Just claim the "RuneScape & Old RuneScape Membership" & link RS account! Don't forget to sub
!gainscapeHerbPerve = Gain Scape no space
!gimp'GIMP', or 'Group Iron Man Project', is a new, unofficial, group iron man series with myself, Ronno, EVscape, and Purpp
!gimpbandosBoots x2, Bcp x2
!gimpcodeRedeem this code N05UC-HTH1N-6M4T3
!gimpmulti Ron will be added when he gets his shit together
!gimpsaranothing, idiot
!gimpstats + + +
!gimpzammy1 Staff of the dead, 3 Z spears, 5 Steam Battlestaves
!gimpzenytes4/16 obtained, most recent:
!headphonesSennheiser HD599
!helmetJagex granted us special permission to beta test the game mode! Hence the Purple Iron Symbol!!
!howlong{sender} has been following {channel} since {url:{channel}&user={sender}}
!infernoIronman cape: Main cape:
!jackboxTo play, go to - click the settings icon in the top left to sign in with twitch. Then enter the room code. Audience votes can be more important than player votes!
!jesssaddest girl - she baby
!kctob!kc tob
!lastcox838, Ancestral Hat #3
!levelCurrently Level 5
!liliLili Love is wearing Justiciar and a whip because he has completed TOB and wants other people in the raiding party to receive the MVP
!mainMainly my pking account where I just have some fun! Here are the stats
!membershipElliot's mum sucks cock for his runescape membership
!micShure SM7B - EQ'd with physical hardware skidFlex
!newvideoMCFS Highlights | Skiddler Twitch Highlights #11
!nmzCustomizable Rumble, bring ice gloves, rock cake and be on normal spellbook for Chronozon and mage the Untouchable
!orangeThe orange symbol is the new adventure paths tab that is in testing. It is currently only available to a select few accounts to help out with the early stages of the game.
!osbuddyI don't use osbuddy so stfu.
!osrsYou can play OSRS (2007) here -
!petsChin, Scorpia, Rocky, Skotos x2, Sara pet x2, Bandos
!phishingHow to identify Phishing Streams:
!pisscountError: Stack Overflow
!pissinsinkSuccessfully pissed in Skiddler's sink.
!pokerSign up here if you want to participate: Join the 'Skiddler's community freeroll' under the restricted tourneys. Password: skidplayspoker. You'll need to deposit $10 to activate your account & it's free to enter!
!posseskidMum Welcome to the Poopiest Posse on Twitch skidMum
!primeIf you have Amazon Prime, you can connect it to Twitch at and receive a free subscription to your favourite streamer (me) every month
!purespamPid wahhhhh
!raids(8/12) 1k+ Kc, 3x Ancestral Hat, 2x Dragon Sword, 4x Dexterous Prayer Scroll, 1x Dinh's Bulwark, 3x Arcane Prayer Scroll, 1x Dragon Claws, 1x DHunter Crossbow, 1x Ancestral top, 1x Twisted Buckler
!raidshelpWe Do Raids are a group for helping noobs get into raiding
!regulars<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 {NEW} <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
!revs'Secretrsn' CC one word. Ask for invite if you're trusted you will be added. Keep private OFF to avoid stream snipers. I will be killing the orc and the dark beast the rest is free. We run in from the cave enterance down and clear as we go. No items yet
!rings2 x Archer 2 x berserker 1 x Seer
!ripsink{count} people have pissed in Skiddler's sink.
!rontaking a shit
!rowPoooound WELCOME TO SKIDROW Poooound
!saraCompleted it. again.
!sarahilt1387 KC
!schedule8AM - 2PM every day, I try to do an evening stream a couple times a week if I have the time, also may take an odd day off.
!scoutPreferred layouts are: Vasa-Tekton-Vespula //// Tekton-Vasa-Guardian //// Mutta-Guard-Vesp. Plus Crabs and Rope
!sharex NO MORE GYAZO PLEBS, don't forget to use code robbo for 5% off :)
!shentsMeet Shentletics, my catacomb locked hardcore ironman. After recently reaching 1% body fat, I decided to up the ante and forge my own journey from scratch. No trading, no dying, but this time, I can't leave the Kourend catacombs. All leading up to one of the game's toughest challenges: The Mutated Bloodveld.
!shents2Ok pretty Little lady, I'm going to have to switch to the OSRS stream <3 Good Luck on getting the cape. Just remember to not stress it and I think you will have it in the bag :) Gratz again on 99 magic.. Please if you get the cape Message me in game and let me know so I can congratulate you
!skidheyskidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey
!skidloveskidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove {NEW} skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove
!skidmasIf you subscribe during the month of December, you will be entered into a new year giveaway, where 10 individuals will receive a special gift :) Each subscription will lower the Boss Bar on screen by 200hp, when the bar reaches zero, we roll the wheel and do the challenge/forfeit. The severity of the forfeits will get worse each week. List of forfeits here:
!skidPraiseskidPraise skidPraise skidPraise skidPraise
!skidtuneskidPeng skidTune
!soloLearning solo raids.
!songnow ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Who asked (Feat: Nobody) ───────────────── ◄◄⠀▐▐⠀►► 𝟸:𝟷𝟾 / 𝟹:𝟻𝟼⠀───○
!songrequestFeel free to ask for a song request (bangers n mash only!)
!spencersagshas not yet been seen
!squirrel21 AGILITY
!srFeel free to ask for a song request! (bangers only!)
!statsMain = Ironman = GIMP =
!subIf you subscribe, you will not only support me doing what i love, but support me being a full time dork <3
!subcountFuck off {sender}
!subraidsIf you're a subscriber of my channel, and you'd like to raid, just let me know! Newcomers are welcome, and we're happy to teach you :D
!subsSubscribe to find out the sub count:
!subscribe feel free to drop me a subscription, it'd be very much appreciated!
!subtemberNew Subscriptions are 50% cheaper this month!
!testlithium is a pleb
!tob2x Ghrazi Rapier (!rapier), 1x Avernic Hilt (!avernic)
!tobkc!kc tob
!todayI'm out getting a massage with a happy ending today, so my good friend EVScape is filling in, check him out here
!tomorrowdestroying shrimp's coccyx
!treeElliot took Emily to a tree they went to as a kid and carved there names in it like emo's. He then whipped out the ring and asked her to be his main bitch
!ValatineValatine KEKW @SkiddlerRS
!valentineSupport me on the day of love with a subscription! skidLove
!vapeAegis Legend mod, Falcon tank
!veltineVeltine KEKW @SkiddlerRS
!whispersIf anyone happens to whisper you any links, do -not- click them. Regardless of how safe it might look, it is more than likely not. Do this for your own safety.
!zamorak3x Zamorakian Spear, 1x Steam Battlestaff
!zenyte83 kc
!zulrah4 Uncut Onyx, 6 Serpentine Visage, 3 Magic Fang, 1 Jar of Swamp 2x Tanzanite Fang!
dionSlutMercyWing1 dionSlut MercyWing2
purpppurppSquad purppSquad purppSquad purppSquad purppSquad
skidWahskidWah Get this man skidWah a wambulance skidWah
tuneskidPeng skidTune
welcome2WHALE {NEW} CUM
yeetskidYeet YEET skidYeet