Commands for: skiddlerrs

!10kchinsFuck off {sender}
!24hrGoing to celebrate 60k followers with a 24 hour stream on Saturday June 8th
!4:1 EvScape guide - Synq guide -
!87wcFuck you Shents
!aoaagoldAOAAGold is a stream team that consists of Skiddler, Skill Specs, AimostFamous, AOAATube and PureSpam. They're a group of great streamers and great friends at the same time. Feel free to give them all a follow on twitch.
!arma2x Armadyl Chainskirt, 2x Arma helm (1 minion), 1x Armadyl chestplate
!arrested🚓 Wee woo! You're under arrest! For being EPICALLY smorced! 👮 ⛓ Type Poooound to be freed from BRO-custody! 🚓
!avernic315 Kc
!bagelButter, cheese, ham, tomato, salt, pepper & olive oil
!bandos1x Bandos Chestplate, 1x Pet Graardor, 2x Bandos tassets, 1x Bandos Hilt
!bandospet 64KC
!bingo Click this link to play bingo along at home with the boys! If you get a bingo, send a beer and @ one of us on twitter to get on stream!
!bludgeonElliot got it off-stream 474 Kc
!bring5KC, clip was deleted.
!camCam is broken
!ccJoin 'Skidmeister' CC to chill with one of the best communities Runescape Osrs has to offer :)
!charitystreamSkiddler is taking part in a charity event raising money for
!clipsYou're an idiot.
!corp1 x Spirit Shield, 175 x Onyx Bolts, 1 x Burnt
!cuckskidPurpp spam skidPurpp the skidPurpp cuck skidPurpp to skidPurpp help skidPurpp destroy skidPurpp zuk skidPurpp
!dcIf my stream randomly goes down, this is because BT are a terrible company. Do not worry, I'll be back in ~5 mins. Sorry for the dcs!
!dex227Kc at end of 24Hr COGGERS
! Discord is open for all. Make sure if you're subbed, you link your Twitch in the Connection Settings to join sub channels
!door{sender} has entered the door giveaway, type !door to enter!
!eseaESEA is a 3rd part company that offers a paid service for $7/month where you can play PUG games and scrims on 128 tick servers. Along with faster/better servers, they also have their own anti-cheat that works better than VAC.
!floridaElliot is currently in Florida for a couple of weeks on a family holiday. He'll still be providing quality ironman vaping content though
!footElliot is using a footpedal on his laptop to AFK Ardy Knights.
!forfeits We have already rolled: Bleach hair, Wax a leg, End stream immediately, Alch SGS, Increase tash gap x3, Dye Beard, 100 Man Raid, Shoey send, Drink Eggnog, 5 min doggo stream
!freesubWith TwitchPrime you are able to sub for FREE to your favourite streamer, every 30 days you need to manually to renew the subscription but clicking "Subscribe" and then "Free Sub". Try it now!
!gnome{sender} hands over the golden gnome to Skiddler, has received a golden gnome {count} times.
!goldswapJoin 'prop swap' CC in game for trusted swaps through Zulu. Be sure to mention that you were sent by Skiddler to ensure you receive the best gold swapping rates!
!hackedFuck off {sender}
!hairHad my hair chopped off to donate to a charity that make wigs for children with cancer skidLove
!headphonesSennheiser HD599
!headsetSennheiser 599
!howlong{sender} has been following {channel} since {url:{channel}&user={sender}}
!hydraEye x2, Fang, Heart, Leather x2, Claw
!imastupidcuntandiuseanexcessiveamountof!inthechatAegis Legend mod, Falcon tank
!infernoIronman cape: Main cape:
!jackboxTo play, go to - click the settings icon in the top left to sign in with twitch. Then enter the room code. Audience votes can be more important than player votes!
!jesssaddest girl - she baby
!jordyJordy is a CUNT
!JoshI'm Triggered as fuck
!kctob!kc tob
!lastcox838, Ancestral Hat #3
!liliLili Love is wearing Justiciar and a whip because he has completed TOB and wants other people in the raiding party to receive the MVP
!loveislandyou're a gimp
!mainMainly my pking account where I just have some fun! Here are the stats
!MCFSMCFS is OVER; Funnel Buddies won
!membershipElliot's mum sucks cock for his runescape membership
!micShure SM7B - EQd in Ableton DAW
!neetWhen @GainscapeV1 talks in this chat everyone is obliged to call him a neet.
!newvideoMCFS Highlights | Skiddler Twitch Highlights #11
!nmzCustomizable Rumble, bring ice gloves, rock cake and be on normal spellbook for Chronozon and mage the Untouchable
!osbuddyI don't use osbuddy so stfu.
!osrsYou can play OSRS (2007) here -
!pcspecs1070TI, I7 8700k, 3tb sshd, 1TB SSD and 16gb ram
!petsChin, Scorpia, Rocky, Skotos x2, Sara pet x2, Bandos
!phishingHow to identify Phishing Streams:
!pisscountError: Stack Overflow
!pissinsinkSuccessfully pissed in Skiddler's sink.
!posseskidMum Welcome to the Poopiest Posse on Twitch skidMum
!powerhourFunnel buddies won the power hour #2. 857k to 838k.
!primeOwn Twitch Prime? You can subscribe FOR FREE to your favourite streamer (SkiddlerRS) every month. Find out more:
!prims1518 KC
!purespamPid wahhhhh
!quiplashTo play, go to - click the settings icon in the top left to sign in with twitch. Then enter the room code. Audience votes can be more important than player votes!
!raids3x Ancestral Hat, 2x Dragon Sword, 4x Dexterous Prayer Scroll, 1x Dinh's Bulwark, 3x Arcane Prayer Scroll, 1x Dragon Claws, 1x DHunter Crossbow, 1x Ancestral top
!raidshelpWe Do Raids are a group for helping noobs get into raiding
!regulars<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 {NEW} <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
!Rendual"Jon, I hope you cancelled the sub" - Skiddler 2015
!res1280 x 960 4:3
!revs'Secretrsn' CC one word. Ask for invite if you're trusted you will be added. Keep private OFF to avoid stream snipers. I will be killing the orc and the dark beast the rest is free. We run in from the cave enterance down and clear as we go. No items yet
!ripsink{count} people have pissed in Skiddler's sink.
!roomSkiddler moved around his setup
!rowPoooound WELCOME TO SKIDROW Poooound
!rulesMax Cash From Scratch video by EvScape -
!sanderAs far as I'm aware, 1984 was the last time any college football team scored over 100 points in a game, but don't let that distract you from the fact that Sander lies about having to wait 2 weeks for his Twitch name change because he enjoys being a b0aty freak
!saraCompleted it. again.
!sarahilt1387 KC
!schedule8AM - 2PM every day, I try to do an evening stream a couple times a week if I have the time, also may take an odd day off.
!scoutPreferred layouts are: Vasa-Tekton-Vespula //// Tekton-Vasa-Guardian //// Mutta-Guard-Vesp. Plus Crabs and Rope
!serieslootstill fuck all
!sharex NO MORE GYAZO PLEBS, don't forget to use code robbo for 5% off :)
!shentsMeet Shentletics, my catacomb locked hardcore ironman. After recently reaching 1% body fat, I decided to up the ante and forge my own journey from scratch. No trading, no dying, but this time, I can't leave the Kourend catacombs. All leading up to one of the game's toughest challenges: The Mutated Bloodveld.
!sinkThere is a sink giveaway. Put 123 in the chat to get a chance of the sink! You do require to be subbed, have twitch turbo and atleast 200 pounds donated. skidKappa
!skidFartRate your skidFart now please in the chat
!skidheyskidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey skidHey
!skidloveskidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove {NEW} skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove skidLove
!skidPraiseskidPraise skidPraise skidPraise skidPraise
!skidtuneskidPeng skidTune
!soloLearning solo raids.
!songrequestFeel free to ask for a song request (bangers n mash only!)
!sootLearn to spell Kappa
!specialDonate to support the charity Special Effect here:
!spencersagshas not yet been seen
!srFeel free to ask for a song request! (bangers only!)
!statsMain = Ironman =
!StatsDMMSkiddler's deadman stats are
!subIf you subscribe, you will not only support me doing what i love, but support me being a full time dork <3
!subraidsIf you're a subscriber of my channel, and you'd like to raid, just let me know! Newcomers are welcome, and we're happy to teach you :D
!subscribe feel free to drop me a subscription, it'd be very much appreciated!
!subtemberDuring September, if you're a gifted subscriber, you can renew for $1!
!testlithium is a pleb
!tob2x Ghrazi Rapier (!rapier), 1x Avernic Hilt (!avernic)
!tobkc!kc tob
!todaySomething something something
!tomorrowdestroying shrimp's coccyx
!tournamentSix days longs, as long as you don't die in the last day in the last hour, you respawn. Whoever is the last man standing or person with highest total level at the end wins 10k.
!treeElliot took Emily to a tree they went to as a kid and carved there names in it like emo's. He then whipped out the ring and asked her to be his main bitch
!tsWant to join the community? Come on over to our community teamspeak!
!v46v46\ is the newest, dankest number meme in the RuneScape Twitch Category. Started when Skiddler RuneScape poured a coffee on his keyboard and it got stuck spamming v46\
!vapeAegis Legend mod, Falcon tank
!whip592 KC
!whispersIf anyone happens to whisper you any links, do -not- click them. Regardless of how save it might look, it is more than likely not. Do this for your own safety.
!zamorak3x Zamorakian Spear, 1x Steam Battlestaff
!zenyte83 kc
!zulrah4 Uncut Onyx, 6 Serpentine Visage, 3 Magic Fang, 1 Jar of Swamp 2x Tanzanite Fang!
carbanana 🚓 🍌 skidCarb
skidWahskidWah Get this man skidWah a wambulance skidWah
tuneskidPeng skidTune
welcome2WHALE {NEW} CUM
yeetskidYeet YEET skidYeet