Commands for: ragni27

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!bald/me I might be ginger but atleast not balding like @The_Fire_Bro
!blade/me 20/03/2021, KC 577 -
!Client/me Runelite:
!discordJoin the discord PogChamp
!dwh26/04/2021, KC 822:
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!goalsBlade of Saeldor rush into 4xzenytes while passively killing shamans and then learn TOB!
!jad/me 17/05/2021, KC 3
!Jaw/me 21/05/2021, KC 2363:
!love{channel} has been given {count} loves.
!mainYes I know I should max it Sadge
!playlist/me Personal playlist: & Streaming playlist:
!previous2x Crystal Armour Seed, 1x Crystal Weapon Seed KEKW
!todayNothing yet 4Head
!Zenyte/me 18/06/2021 Completed KC: 2351