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!10def6 defence already so couldn't quest to 13 defence addy gloves. Instead Soul's Bane quest to 10 defence, for Varrock hard diary + armour 3
!2x2ianP1 ianP2 {NEW} ianP3 ianP4
!6hr6 Hour immunity & quest completion came out today. If you'd like to start an account here is a guide that requires no swapping.
!75attI'm getting 75 attack, just not rn it's a bit of a grind in NMZ (will do it over new years while I'm away)
!addonsAddons on WoW Classic are hugely beneficial, especially Questie. Here are the ones I use . Download the Twitch desktop App, go to "Mods" then "World of Warcraft" then Search for them individually. Hope that helps :)
!attackstyles{args:0:{sender}} YES, you're allowed to use the plugin.
!backseatpersonally, I hate tobing with people like you. No offence. It is just the truth. I hate being a level 126 and I have to carry people who don't know what they're doing. In addition, its like they expect 50/50% split when I get the loot
!beanssee !boins
!bitsalertBit alert sound from
!boinssee !beans
!boostingOne BH kill = a rune pouch and 500K in alchables on your ironman, don't waste 750 slayer points! 2-3M/h on an ironman :
!boostsSettings > Boosts Information > display as indicators (on). next, settings > runelite > display infoboxes vertically (on).. Hold ALT and drag to move boxes (wrap text 1).. adjust "Infobox wrap count" as high as necessary
!bringi got it
!bttv ~ Add and activate the BTTV browser extension to have access to loads of new emotes and other features HYPERS
!camDecided to up the ante and upgrade the webcam setup! I've opted for a DSLR (Sony A6000) with Sigma 33B965 30 mm lens, routed through an Elgato Cam Link into my PC
!ccJoin the cc! "PureSpam"
!charity£1200 raised for Cats Protection, thank you to all who contributed - check out the highlights here on twitter ianH
!claimCongrats you claimed absolutely nothing. Visit to claim your emotes though ianH
!content@PureSpam go {args:0:pking} already
!cookingMy parents are away for the next week so I have the kitchen to myself! Thought I'd chill with you guys whilst I prepare some dinners :) maybe 6-8pm tonight? Thinking about cooking a chilli.
!cox/me CoX KC: 79 || Purples: 1x Arcane
!cursorTiny Cursor mod for Windows
!darling ianPride
!debtCurrent debt: 50b FeelsBadMan need loans to rebuild, pm MrTDH to help
!defIf you were affected by the bug in this weeks update or you gained unwanted XP in a combat skill due to using an unexpected attack style, enter the details on the stickied XP Bug Details post in the OSRS General Forums: QFC: 317-318-192-66084840
!delayThere is no stream delay, Ian just has a 5 minute "reading chat" delay (10-15 minute delay when ToB-ing).
!divineThe divine ranging potion is a stat-boosting potion that applies the effect of a Ranging potion for 5 minutes. During these 5 minutes, stat drain is also disabled, meaning the player's Ranged will stay fully boosted.
!dmmupdateIan's DMM suggestions (from 6 months ago):
!dnbdnb playlist
!door{sender} has entered Ian's door giveaway! The winner will be announced at the end of the stream!
!dpick586KC Venenatis
!dscimCan't get dragon scimitar due to leaving Monkey Madness uncompleted for access back to Ape Atoll for clue steps.
!emotesianHey ianChamp ianLurk ianLove ianP ianUp ianPid ianGasm ianLUL ianS ianFail ianBeans ianH ianPride ianKappa ianSellout ian25
!fixpvpMake Bounty Hunter Targets that are in Deep Wilderness and unskulled ones freely skippable. Modify pid so that the person with pid doesn't have such an overwhelming advantage (pid changes at a higher frequency?). Buff Wildy Slayer (not just points, every master already gives incredible points. Increase gp / hr: it's the wildy after all). Nerf the Granite maul: it's too overpowered.
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!forfeits/me || !wax1 !wax2 !wax3 !wax4 !wax5 !wax6 !wax7
!formulaThe OSRS accuracy & maxhit formulas can be found from this forums post,318,712,65587452
!frontseatVroom vroom
!funTonight for a few hours if you'd like to join us we will be starting some accounts on "Judgement" EU server. We'll play on it from time to time a few evenings a week for those who struggle to keep up with the queue/jobs, subs can join us in !discord. We'll be doing this a few times a week! At some point soon we'll try to get a Guild started too! We are all starting as the "Troll" race on the Horde faction of course, so that we can all begin together. Everybody is welcome to join!
!getanewname{args:0:} Get a new username!
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!goalsGoals in 2020: | Spaghetti Staff (ToB) ✔ | 93 Slayer (+Occult) | ACB | SGS | SS | AGS | 85/90 base stats for 2K Total | 77 RC for Bloods | Scythe (ToB) | DK Rings | Inferno Cape | Manacles (BIS) | Wizard Boots (BIS) | Elder Robe Bottoms | COX (5 Items: TBow/Claws/DHCB/Kodai/Maul) |
!haircut"I need a haircut"
!halfpriceHalf-price subs ($2.50) on Twitch right now! Support your favourite content creators financially while we still get our full split! :) Thank you!
!headsetSennheiser HD650
!headsetgifIan's claim to fame
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!ianhGet your very own ianH here:
!joblol good one
!kappaianP1 ianP2{NEW}ianP3 ianP4
!karl Twitch URL:
!keyboardRazer Anansi.
!lagJagex have resolved the recent lag issues. You can follow their progress on their twitter page here. Happy Scaping ianH
!lastvidIt Has Been 160 Days Since The Last Video
!locLocation for {args:0:} {args:1:} {args:2:} {args:3:} {args:4:} {args:5:} {args:6:} {args:7:} {args:8:} not found.
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!maceAncient mace special effect drains the Prayer points of the opponent by 100% of the amount hit and will recharge the user's prayer points by the same amount. By using it on the POH combat dummy (which always hits your max hit), you can start a Zulrah kill with more than your max prayer points, to save on prayer potions.
!micUpgraded my audio setup to a Shure SM7B microphone with DBX 286s mic processor (also still use my focusrite 2i2 pre-amp)
!mouseJust bought a Logitech G-Pro Wireless after a lot of positive recommendations! Will take me a bit of time to get used to it so go ez on me! 30/05/2019 <--- 800 DPI 6/11 windows sensitivity.
!mucus"A while back you pked a guy named Anti Aborter, it was my very first "Pk" I had no idea who you were then you told me to go back to edge because you wanted to give my stuff back, and you added on a dscimmy, then someone else gave me a sara sword aswell."
!mugIts called a "Stein"
!namelookup{args:0: }
!namesI know a lot of people want to buy/sell their RSNs for GP since it isn't against the rules, but it's hard to find a place for it or trusted individuals. Assassin helped me sell one of my old RSNs (both middlemanned the name swap to avoid snipers and found a buyer). He's been around for a while now with a positive reputation, if you're interested in buying or selling an RSN safely I'd recommend checking out his discord (please beware of imposters!!!!!) :
!newchairI chose noblechairs due to their business values and quality product; their aim is to provide the best quality, ergonomic (most gaming chairs are not ergonomic), and also style (no massive/intrusive logos and branding), whilst providing the best service. If you want to check out OverClockersUK (PC parts company) or what noblechairs have to offer then please use my affiliate link:
!newmouseDecided to replace my current G403 with a newer one. The scrollwheel was struggling which affects hybridding. As a result it might take me some time to get used to these clicks again!
!noVote no to pure updates Puck Fures
!obsI use OBS (Open Broadcast Software) to stream. Follow this link to learn how to download and set it up. !obsguide for more info
!occultDaily Occult Giveaway count: 9
!paid16/6/2019 4:29PM
!pbDay 1 of release Wave 69
!petsRift Guardian, Phoenix, Smolcano, Beaver, Chinchompa
!pid ianH
!pietypureSeanii triggered count: {count}
!plate Sold for 620Mish 122M split
!playlistIan's OSRS throwback playlist:
!podcastThe next Podcast will be on 26th March on this channel at 8PM! Here is a link to the last video
!potionsDivine potions have the same effects as the base potion but renew it's effect every 15 seconds for 5 minutes.
!preloadGmaul "preloading" was the action of doubleclicking gmaul specbar but not attacking, then switching to another weapon to attack and then switch back to gmaul. the gmaul spec would then go off instantly.
!prideianP1 ianP2 {NEW} ianP3 ianP4
!primeTwitch prime lets you link your amazon prime account to your twitch account which provides you 1 free subscription per month to any partnered streamer for 1 month. This acts just like a regular subscription so you'll get all the benefits a paid sub would get.
!pvpUnfortunately nothing pvp related was announced at runefest and I didn't get a chance to talk about it with anyone. Mod Ash is working on BH2 and I'm looking forward to that! I'm also talking to Manked and a few others on some big ideas, stay tuned...
!raidianBeans Beans on toast ianBeans ianGasm flying in with the host ianGasm ianSoz Sorry for the spam ianSoz ianPride we are just supporting our man ianPride ianDwarf greetings from the team ianDwarf ianH have a wonderful stream ianH
!raids1x Arcane prayer scroll on the pure ironman
!rebuildLost 7b staking. Follow my new rebuild PKING series on:
!redalertRunelite settings ->flash notification
!revsccI use the 1750 worlds, I feel like they're the fairest prices and safest for me (40/50M for a week depending on weapon which you can make back in a day). 1750 Worlds are held by 1750 Empire message Sunq#1523 on discord to join. 2k+ total Pm Offset#2665 to join
!riceThis stream is sponsored by Tilda! Check out their products at
!runefestTickets available now:
!runescapeYou can play Old School RuneScape here (2007)
!safespotI recommend checking out Synq's guide for Venenatis because that's how I learnt. But in short, tag same square as me then: Boss spawns game tick 1, boss look at you game tick 2, you hit the boss game tick 3.
!securityHere is Oblivion's recommendations/guide to having better account security.
!skullSkulling gives 3x the chance of getting a rare drop (also the drops will be better)
!slashBecause verzik is weak to slash.
!slayerSlayer Master requirement is based on Combat Level. As a pure my combat level is low and there is no requirement for Wilderness Slayer Master. I get Emblems for PK'ing, better tasks overall and lots of Slayer Points.
!smashleticsian smash ianEgg
!snapchatMy Snapchat is now public, feel free to add me "ianiams"
!song@PureSpam What's the current song?
!songbackupNow playing: {lastfm:purespam}
!spotifyHere's my spotify link, if you want to check out the playlists I use.
!stakedDays since staked: 1
!storeianUp The PureSpam Merchandise Store is open with new designs, SHIRTS, HOODIES, CASES, MUGS & MORE! @ ianUp
!subdiscordcog wheel -> connections -> link twitch to discord
!subloveianLove ianH ianLove ianH ianLove ianH
!subonlyTo find Ian's sub-only channel: Join Discord > Connect Twitch with Discord > Join #Subscribers channel and check pinned posts
!swappingSwapping was removed from DMM. It's not coming back, so we need to do our best to balance out the game without it. Help come up with solutions to fill the void that swapping has left.
!tabletFire HD something something.. HD 10? Something like that
!tbowthe g.e offer for tbow is a money cache, separate from the !rebuild
!timersIan uses a custom runelite timers setup:
!tipoffIf you suspect somebody of breaking the rules (teamviewer/boxing/swapping) send an email to
!tob/me ToB KC: 161 || Purples: Justicar !Legs, Justicar Chest, !rapier, !rapier2, !avernic !sang
!todayianEggy 2x Avernic Hilt (1x Mikey 1x shy heat) AYAYA
!tokkulStarting with ~14m GP, bought ~130k chaos runes and traded them in for ~1.2m tokkul. Using the tokkul to buy gems for crafting experience and jewellery -
!tomorrowProbably not ironman slayer or anything else that was planned Kappa
!tranceTrance Spotify Playlist
!trident38kc :)
! (Owned by AOAAGold Stream Team)
!vegan2Ian has been vegan since 03-03-2019 1 pm GMT
!venenatis50+ KC, LOOT:
!vipMulbs18 is now the currenty beans VIP holder!
!w45Seasonals is the beta for a permanent DMM server. If we discover amazing changes to seasonal then we can come up with a fantastic permanent DMM server.
!wdr'We Do Raids' teaching discord:
!whypkI PK on my ironman because A) It's fun, B) I can upgrade emblems to sell to the BH Store for alchables and still profit.
!wowserverA bunch of us EU folk will be playing on "Shazzran" PvP Server for the WoW Classic release. I played as a kid back in BC over 10 years ago and to relive the nostalgia/hype I plan to be trying out the release for at least a week. I'm not leaving OSRS by any means, but a lot of my friends will be playing and I think it'll be fun to dip my toe into something else. Right now I plan to play an Undead Mage alongside Ayiza as an Undead Priest. FOR THE HORDE SMOrc
!yesterdayProbably not pure ironman
ianHianH ianLove ianH ianLove
ianLoveianLove ianH ianLove ianH ianLove ianH
ianPrideianP1 ianP2 {NEW} ianP3 ianP4
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