Commands for: neitiznutjr

!candleTeam candle on my chest BUSSERS
!cox1422kc--> 1x Kodai - 2x Elder - 2x Dragon claws - 1x Ancestral robe top - 1x Ancestral robe bottoms - 2x Dhcb - 4x Twisted buckler - 16x Arcane - 7x Dex. Last item: Dexterous prayer scroll(1415kc)
!phoneprobably dead
!raidPoggies Jr raid neitizWhite neitizJr
!todayNothing yet PauseChamp
!yesterday3rd Crystal armour seed! Pog
!arcane🥄 1454kc 🥄
!cgHYPERS Killcount: 324 / Log: Youngllef x1 (229kc), Crystal armour seed x5, Crystal weapon seed x4, Enhanced crystal weapon seed x1 (171kc)
!cgplankx0r6ztGiggle Jr has died {count} times at Gauntlet x0r6ztGiggle
!dinkdonkdinkDonk weep woop
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!goalsGet 1 more armour seed - Corrupt the Bowfa - Raids & Inferno - Complete GWD
!icedemonpeepoLeave Jr has left {count} raids because of Ice Demon.
!infernal2nd zuk, 15th attempt
!lastraidit's Jr's last raid nr. {count} x0r6ztGiggle
!love{channel} has been given {count} loves.
!scoutIf you scout me a raid ill pay you 500k
!subhypepeepoHYPE Thank you for the sub!! peepoHYPE
phoneprobably dead