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!10yearsCurtis in 10 years 4Head
!250k 250k bits is $2500
!3rdagering2kc mimic 25-05-2019
!ahyes/me AHH YES mmorpgLurker
!aoaaCurtis is not part of The AOAAGOLD Team, He is only using their bot.
!aoaagoldbotAOAAgoldBot is aoaagold members only, Proddy and Zero then made ZHBot for everyone to use, (ZH = Zero Hampo) Can be found here: login via twitch.
!arcaneFirst Ironman to get an Arcane Sigil. check my reaction here!!
!bamlot gachiBASS Clap The true 4Head
!bankIronman Bank Video 2018 -
!banned{sender} is permanently banned from talking in MmorpgRS chat.
!bimmer4Head LUL
!bisThe Dragonfire shield is an upgraded Anti-dragon shield, and widely considered one of the best shields in the game, after the Elysian spirit shield and Dinh's bulwark.
!blackscreenTry refreshing until it works or go to and see if that works
!boneI'll Show You A Bone Kreygasm
!bonesCurtis why are the bones noted?
!bowclutDo you mean Spongebob? BORT
!brace"When equipped, there is a 25% chance for a slayer assignment kill to not count as a kill towards it, but still granting the appropriate slayer experience. The bracelet only needs to be worn for the killing blow for its effect to work. It will provide 30 charges before disappearing."
!braySquid1 Squid3 💨
!breakmusicSpanish Flea -
!brenda mmorpgBrenda
!brokenchatIf your chat has been broken by gif emotes during a camflip, RareWoox or techno chicken, make sure to open chat settings (That little cog in the bottom left) and click "Clear My Chat"
!bttvNot Seeing Pog / ppJedi / RareParrot ? Download BTTV and Turn on BTTV / Gif Emotes!
!buckler/me Twisted Buckler @ KC 2287
!calltoarmsricardoFlick A ricardoFlick N ricardoFlick Y ricardoFlick F ricardoFlick L ricardoFlick I ricardoFlick C ricardoFlick K ricardoFlick E ricardoFlick R ricardoFlick S ricardoFlick ? ricardoFlick
!canibetheproThe Peoples Champ
!CarltonNightmare fuel WutFace
!cawp3 DWH Specs 20 Arclight Specs 200 BGS Damage - Curtis repeatedly teleports in, specs the corp to lower its stats, and teleports to his POH to reset his HP and specbar. Once the corp's stats are low enough he fights it without taking any damage due to its low stats, which saves a lot of food.
!ccThe NEW in game clan chat name is: 'MMO Chat'
!chairAdd some comfort and class to your gaming setup with Noblechairs - Use Referral link
!chaircontentFinally some good fucking content.
!chatexperience/me Type /mods to improve your chat experience!
!chestguard/me (march 14th) KC 174
!clanThere is no paying for protection with revs, it's all made with the brothers KKona come join if you're good at PK'ing.
!claws/me (March 12th) KC 2449
!clientThe client Curtis uses is available here;
!cloakThe juicy youtube cloak compilation! -
!coin{sender} has won 1gp in today's giveaway.
!corp3 DWH Specs 20 Arclight Specs 200 BGS Damage - Curtis repeatedly teleports in, specs the corp to lower its stats, and teleports to his POH to reset his HP and specbar. Once the corp's stats are low enough he fights it without taking any damage due to its low stats, which saves a lot of food.
!corp1I got a little suprise in this Episode. check it out
!corp2Did i manage to get an Elysian Sigil this episode?
!corp3Watch me getting the worst drop in the game
!corp4Did i get a Holy Elixer this round?
!corpbeastcorp is female
!craftingChain chomplets #1 mlg super pro crafting guide can be found here: Kappa
!crateOpening the jagex loot crate with juicy items PogChamp :
!craws/me May.6th 2019, 9,437 KC
!cudgel/me I yoinked the spiders leg 11-07-2019
!cuntinaMr. Streamer has made the choice to become a real grill HeyGuys
!curtisCurtis knows the way.. to the ely
!curtisdrugsYou kids wanna buy some purple sweets?
!curtishahaaIn remembrance of Daddy Cringe
!daggerAbyssal dagger & Superior spawn at the same time PogChamp
!delay5 min
!dfhPogChamp IRL:
!dickpic CURTIS NUDES PogChamp
!discord Join the discord community channel!
!dmmCurtis is not partaking in Dead Man this tournament, as he's finally come to the realisation that he can't PvP. Also he simply can't be bothered.
!doctor VapeNation
!doorType 4Head to enter the door giveaway.
!draeniadra- who? XD
!dustinbtwYou mean KappaPride ?
!edticomBrokeBack streamer can't write
!elconnor1337.37 Donation:
!elvenbat2Everyone's favourite mod 4Head
!ely*Noise disclaimer*
!emotesmmorpgJuicy mmorpgMmm mmorpgTender mmorpgImp mmorpgHello mmorpgWat mmorpgFlip mmorpgGasm mmorpgTune mmorpgThump mmorpgFail mmorpgH mmorpgBonk mmorpgS mmorpgB mmorpgJ mmorpgDerp mmorpgLurker mmorpgWaow mmorpgSellout mmorpgPanic mmorpgJ1 mmorpgJ2 mmorpg1 mmorpg2 mmorpg3 mmorpg4 mmorpgClutch mmorpgSlain mmorpgWAT mmorpgRNG mmorpgGift mmorpgSpicy mmorpgBrenda mmorpgAhh mmorpgGASM mmorpgYikes mmorpgZ mmorpgWell mmorpgNice mmorpgSexy mmorpg7 mmorpgSneak mmorpgHol mmorpgChampion
!eyesLay your gaze upon these utterly soulless eyes, tired of repeating the same gameplay day after day, losing the grip to reality and life itself..
!faceguard/me Justiciar Faceguard kc 332, 4/20/2019
!fanThe fan is my only companion and I feel much better when he is here with me
!firstFirst Raid KC after Wyvern Visage was 1655.
!fixpyroLord_Of_Pyro > Pyro_Osrs
!fliptunesBoneless - steve oaki, red lips - GTA, Gecko - oliver heldens,
!followageYou can click your name to see your Following or do /followed if you have !BTTV mmorpgJuicy
!followedIf you have !BTTV you can use /followed :)
!fossilsYou can build the display cases in the bottom of varrock museum for Kudos & Experience lamps! :)
!ftrack Kappa
!gem202 Superior Encounters into the grind, 558 overall! Click link not thumbnail.
!gfBaby we aint nothing but mammals
!GildedFirst Gilded Piece! PogChamp
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!glovesGold gloves for xp and Blue gloves for collecting the bars
!goals/me Phase 1: Complete all major rare items on the Ironman Item list: // Phase 2: Complete all Beginner, Easy & Medium clue items in the POH storage chest. // Phase 3: Possible Pet hunts - Most likely Godwars first. // Extra Goals: 2nd Third Age Item on the account. (If any new Major items are released, they will be added to the Ironman Item List)
!gp/me Currently @ 1.1B+
!gpuInfomation about RuneLite's new GPU feature
!groupironmanGroup IronMan Mode for OldSchool RuneScape will be released on the day that Group IronMan Mode will be released for OldSchool RuneScape.
!guessitCurtis plays Video Game/Movie theme songs and you have to guess which video game/movie it is from! You win jack shit tho lmao 4Head
!guideIronman Guide
!heartCurtis got the heart at 197 superiors PogChamp
!HelloThereThe JEDI removes his cloak and jumps down behind the GENERAL. OBI-WAN: Hello, there! GENERAL GRIEVOUS: General Kenobi, you are a bold one. I find your behavior bewildering . . . Surely you realize you're doomed, (to droids) Kill him!
!heronOff stream FeelsOhWait
!highscoresVisit the OSRS Highscore Page Here
!hiltFirst Raids 2 Drop!
!hobmmorpgHol Hob?
!holmmorpgHol Hol makes tattoos mmorpgJ2 mmorpgJ1 she is also a noob mmorpg3 mmorpg4 mmorpgNice mmorpgSexy
!holyritualPogChamp PogChamp
!hotkeysI am using using osbuddy hot keys which are found under the general settings on the client
!howareyoudroppingthingssofast?Shift click.
!howlong73 inches gachiGASM
!hunterHere is a recommended hunter video guide:
!hydraon the 13th of January 2019, i completed the Alchemical Hydra. Watch this to see the kc's for the uniques.
!impressionsRajj BOEH Obamer Mr Mammal
!indaelTerrible memer who never gets to timeout noobhunterjack again FeelsBadMan
!ironmanIronman mode and Ultimate Ironman mode are account-types that were released in Old School RuneScape on October 13, 2014, as official support for the Ironman style of playing, where players are completely self-sufficient.
!JackspetsGachi the Hydra gachiHYDRA , NUTS gachiBASS the Giant Squirrel, Walking Protein the Chompy Chick Jebaited , Billy the Beaver gachiGASM , Ricardo the Jad Pet ricardoFlick
!jacktaz gachiBASS Clap
!jackyMingLee Irl
!jessieqqJessie- who? LUL
!joroedde250,000 bits, highest single bit donation PogChamp
!journey2 Journey Part 2
!kalph PogChamp
!Kappa123EleGiggle Learn to type EleGiggle
!kbdThe best reaction ever recorded 4Head
!keyboardCheck out what Keyboard Curtis uses here!
!khanzed/me OkayChamp PogChomp 🍄 Pogey oh fuck
!KKurtisBrotherman Curtis KKona
!klamsmith10k Red bits badge only through ads <3
!lambstewWeirdChamp THE MAN HIMSELF IRL
!lastdrop/me 4th Draconic Visage - 14/07/2019
!lastsigilElysian, KC 6061
!latestsubCurtis' latest sub is: {url:}
!linkOi @MmorpgRS link the song in chat pls
!list/me List & Goals
!love{channel} has been given {count} loves.
!luxThe Discord Daddy PogChamp
!maxMax cape was achieved on 21st of January 2017 at 4:15pm GMT. Last level was 99 smithing which I made a spectral spirit shield for in Burthorpe. Youtube video: Final level:
!mccuntis MC Cuntis droppin' bars PogChamp
!mccuntis3 THE 3RD ALBUM PogChamp
!meatSpicy mmorpgTender
!memecollection MEMES MADE BY THE ONE AND ONLY JACK PogChamp
!merchThe launch of the new MmorpgRS Merchandise store is here! featuring 'The Hunter's Collection'. 3 Brand new vibrant high quality designs produced by !hol - mmorpgJ2 Please Note: While the stream is live, there is on-screen alerts for purchases. This will show ONLY your first name on screen (Or the name you put first on your delivery) mmorpgSexy
!micCheck out what microphone Curtis uses here!
!mmoFMby PeskyFox
!modWant to clear chat? Type /mods 4Head
!modstype /mods in the chat to enhance your chat experience FunRun
!modspamhaHAA guys look im cringing haHAA look at me judge that mod thats spamming haHAA such a disapproval on my end haHAA i feel obligated to express my disgust at the moderator in question, spamming his emotes haHAA
!modtributeself proclaimed gachiBASS king Jacktaz arriving in the stream to receive his daily tribute, circa 2019, colourised:
!motivation"Sometimes its not all about the fastest xp, but the importance of the rune you're crafting" - Curtis 2k16
!mouseCheck out what mouse Curtis uses here!
!mousepadCheck out what mousepad Curtis uses here!
!mrjaybirdFeelsOkayMan 👉 👌
!Ndeleeuw1Sjefke v2
!nerdWow curtis getting 6 hour logged again what a nerd! 4Head
!never 4Head
!newvidMmorpgRS Ironman Bank Video 2018 -
!nolderAsk me about my KKona
!noobhunterjackThe SPICIEST, FRESHEST and DANKEST memer of all time PogChamp
!noobhunterjack2This cunt is a dirty, dirty cards against humanity cheater.
!oceanOCEAN MAN Take me by the hand lead me to the land that you understand 🙌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎 globe is a real trip OCEAN MAN The crust of a tan man 👳 imbibed by the sand 👍 Soaking up the 💦 thirst of the land 💯
!oiWho the hell are you?!
!olm/me KKong Country Olm KKong Take me home KKong To the place I got T-Bow KKong Quidamortem KKong Dungeon mamma, take me home KKong Country Olm KKong
!orange25k bits innit mmorpgWat
!osrswikiNew OSRS Wiki
!paintbrushNeed a new paintbrush? Tired of all the hard work? Get the CurtisBrush 9000 today for the low price of £49.99!
!pc (Temperatures while streaming)
!petcoreCore pet in a mass OpieOP
!pets11 Pets! Purple Dank Fartcloud (Chaos Ele), Jimmy the Spiderling (Venenatis), Bertha the Beetle (Kalphite Princess Off Stream), Panda (Mole), 2x Jay the Snek (Zulrah), Little Shit (Jad), 2x Harry (Heron), 2x Corey (Corp beast) and Gary & Georgina (Grotesque Guardians), Fetty the Vorki (Vorkath), Goose (Skotizo)
!philPhil is a fleek grill from planet earth, specialized in luring you for your bank and take the remainders off your body. OpieOP
!playlist{sender} you can find Curtis' Spotify Playlist here:
!pmodCurtis got upgraded from ironman to ironmod on 22.5.2018 Keepo
!PoddyP PogChamp D D Y
!primeIf you have Amazon Prime, you can connect it to Twitch to get Twitch Prime which gives you 1 free subscription every month!
!prime2Watch this instructional clip on how to redeem your Twitch Prime rewards!
!raids1((( COMPLETE ))) 3x Dinh's Bulwark, 4x Dragon Harpoon, 25x Arcane Prayer Scroll, 21x Dexterous Prayer Scroll, 4x Ancestral Robe Bottoms, 2x Kodai Insignia, 300x D Thrownaxes, 3x Ancestral Hat, 3x Ancestral Robe Top, 3x Dragon Sword and 5x Dragon Hunter Crossbow, 2x Elder Maul, 2x Twisted Bow, 1x Twisted Buckler, 1x Dragon Claws (82 ITEMS) mmorpgSlain mmorpgBonk
!raidshelpWant reliable groups for raiding? Are new to raids and nobody will teach you? Maybe you're an experienced raider and want to teach others? Join the WeDoRaids community! Discord: Website:
!rain🌧 > 🌽 > 🥃 > KKone 👉 🍑 mmorpgBrenda
!rapier/me 5/9/2019 KC 494
!RareParrotRareParrot Activate RareParrot
!RareParrot_masteris sexier than Lambstew
!reactionsWatch the juicy reactions to drops on my Youtube channel
!redfacemmorpgHol tried to put suncream on mmorpgWat but he was like mmorpgDerp and now he looks mmorpgYikes
!redikarpThe pet RNG god himself
!redlips:lipstick: Red lips always lie
!reqs90 Attack, 90 Strength, 90 Defence, 90 Magic, 90 Range, 70 Prayer with Piety. Dragon warhammer/BGS, Blowpipe, Trident, Elite void or Bandos + Armadyl. 78-90 Herblore.
!requestThe tune must be played or there will be a riot!
!respectPress f to pay respects BibleThump
!ricardoricardoFlick I ricardoFlick LIKE ricardoFlick YOU ricardoFlick CAUSE ricardoFlick YOU ricardoFlick GOT ricardoFlick THAT ricardoFlick SOMETHING ricardoFlick THAT ricardoFlick I ricardoFlick NEED ricardoFlick IN ricardoFlick MY ricardoFlick LIFE ricardoFlick SO ricardoFlick GIVE ricardoFlick IT ricardoFlick TO ricardoFlick ME
!ricardo2ricardoFlick I ricardoFlick LIKE ricardoFlick STEW gachiBASS ricardoFlick CAUSE ricardoFlick STEW gachiBASS ricardoFlick GOT ricardoFlick THAT ricardoFlick SOMETHING ricardoFlick THAT ricardoFlick I ricardoFlick NEED ricardoFlick IN ricardoFlick MY ricardoFlick LIFE ricardoFlick SO ricardoFlick GIVE ricardoFlick IT ricardoFlick STEW gachiBASS ricardoFlick ME @Lambstew
!rigourOff Stream = No Oddshot FeelsBadMan
!ring2kc mimic 25-05-2019
!rinneVoHiYo King of the weebs VoHiYo
!sanguinesti/me 5/15/2019 KC 549
!sax🎷 ainsleySpicy
!sceptreError: Cannot find thammaron's sceptre in streamer's bank.
!scuffedF in the chat for scuffed raids DansGame
!scythe/me 257kc 4/4/2019 mmorpgGasm
!scythe2/me 5/12/2019 KC 525
!selloutAdd some comfort and class to your gaming setup with Noblechairs - Use Referral link
!shaveMr. Streamer after a quick shave
!shirtHey haHAA streamer haHAA something haHAA vile haHAA happened haHAA to haHAA my haHAA shirt haHAA where haHAA can haHAA I haHAA get haHAA a haHAA new haHAA one? haHAA
!shirts!editcom !store To Celebrate 5 Years on Twitch. The LIMITED EDITION 5 Year design is now available until April 30th, then it's GONE forever! 3 Sleek colours featuring a high quality design print produced by !hol - mmorpgJ2 mmorpgH On April 16th-17th during our 5 Year Stream. If we manage to reach 250 sales in 24 Hours, Holly will do my over-the-top makeup at the end, for an ULTIMATE Red Lips cam flip FINALE! mmorpgFlip
!sigilsmmorpgGASM 8x Spectral, 5x Arcane, 1x Elysian, 0x Divine 👈 monkaX
!SisterThis is my sister, she's shy
!sjefke<message deleted> 4Head
!sjefke2HIDE YOUR MEMES AND RUN!!!!!!!!! ᕕ PogChamp ᕗ
!sjoap100k hair tutorial and how is le sister??? SMORc
!skeletalSkeletal Visage on 3479 KC
!skipIs it a Sjefke song request? 4Head
!skotosSkotos pet, 135 kc PogChamp
!slayerkcthese are the slayer monsters i killed so far. part 1: Part 2: Part 3:
!slice/me Dragon Metal Slice 5050KC 13/07/2019
!slitherYou can play slither at :)
!smithingall ores will be used from motherload mine PogChamp
!snapchatmmorpgJ2 mmorpgrs mmorpgJ1
!sneakNeed that extra boost to help you focus while you game!? Sneak is an energy supplement made for gaming with zero sugar and no junk ingredients. That means clean fuel without the crash PogChamp Visit and use code MMORPGRS for 10% off! Sneak has arrived! mmorpgSneak mmorpgJuicy mmorpgJ1 Also Check out this Sneak MmorpgRS Documentary! mmorpgJ2
!social/me mmorpgJ1 Follow Curtis on the Socials! mmorpgJ2 Youtube [ ] mmorpgSneak Twitter [ ] mmorpgSexy Instagram [ ] mmorpgFlip Snapchat [ MmorpgRS ] mmorpgNice
!soloProof that Curtis can solo raid -
!solopbTime: 25:37 Points: 30,935
!soloraidWoox Solo Guide - // Stay West 4:1 Guide - // Tiprikidi 4:1 Guide - Synq Solo Raid Guide - // Tekton :
!songThe song name is next to the Webcam, top right of the stream PogChamp Clap
!songrequestCurtis takes all Song Request's through Donation / Subbing / Bits ! :)
!spadeCURTIS YOU FORGOT YOUR SPADE!!!1!!1!11!!!!1!!!11!!!!!!!!
!SpecweaponsDWH spec gives a % reduction of defence so is used first becasue it gives the best reduction to begin with. The BGS gives a flat defence Reduction, So is used second when it becomes more efficient.
!sponsorThis Stream is Sponsored by !Sneak mmorpgSneak
!staff/me 5/15/2019 KC 549
!statsIronman: Zerker:
!storeThe Official Mmorpg Merchandise store, featuring 'The Hunter's Collection' A vibrant set of T-shirt designs produced by !hol - New in the store from 15/07/2019 - Juicy Mugs and Paw Mandala phone cases! mmorpgJ2 mmorpgH
!subSubscribe today to get bunch of juicy emotes Spicy
!subpeakMost Subs in a Single stream PogChamp
!suit PogChamp
!tbowTwisted Bow, 1415 kc PogChamp
!tbow2/me 2160 KC
!tier3Dannic Feat Bright Lights - Dear Life
!tob/me ((( COMPLETE ))) mmorpgBonk 6x Avernic Defender Hilt, 1x Justiciar Legguards, 3x Justiciar Chestguard, 2x Scythe of Vitur, 3x Justiciar Faceguard, 1x Ghrazi Rapier, 1x Sanguinesti Staff (17 Total)
!today/me ♂ MAN ON A MISSION ♂ decimates Metal Scaled Salamanders on a Sunday to secure the Champions Chestplate // Nothing yet
!tomorrowBack to the revs with the squad for Thammaron's stick!
!tractor KKona :+1:
!trashLiterally garbage #cleared
!treesA guide made for Curtis by Sjefke7833
!troll Made with
!visage Ancient Wyvern Visage at 20,148 KC!
!vlog music vlog of Berlin by mmorpgHol
!voidVoid for the increased accuracy since he is running out of whips and testing if he gets around the same KC with void.
!vorkiVorki kc 1738
!weebCurtis does caramelldansen VoHiYo
!wooxWoox won
!wow/me 👻 WOOOOOW
!xericPronounced: Zeric. Pronounced by Curtis: Eggs Eric
!yesterday/me 1x Elite clue
!zhbotI like to suddenly die at random 4Head
!ZhbotsubThanks @MeexY0 for my sub mmorpgH mmorpgH
!zukCorp and Zuk pets POGGERS
!zulrah Or
@@@Spicy Spicy Spicy
ainsleySpicyainsleySpicy 👍
dmmshut up about dmm like right now
gachiGASMgachiGASM Clap
holmmorpgJ1 mmorpgSexy mmorpgHol mmorpgJ2
JackWeirdChamp 👉 🚪
mmorpgBrenda👋 mmorpgBrenda
nolderI dont know how to mod
songThe song name is next to the Webcam, top right of the stream PogChamp Clap
WeebsWEEBS SMOrc 👉 🚪
xdECKS DEE 😂 👌
YikesmmorpgYikes ❗