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!2424Mr M, mmorpg7 mmorpgH —>
!24hThis Sunday (16th April) at 7pm BST we are doing a 24 hour livestream to celebrate 9 Years on Twitch! Lots of OSRS variety and pet hunting. Plus some events with the community
!3aaxe/me 3rd Age Axe - 819 Elite clues
!3rdage/me 3rd age range top -> 3rd age axe ->
!7tvNot Seeing Pog / ppJedi / RareParrot ? You need the 7tv Extension |
!ahyes/me AHH YES mmorpgLurker
!alchs/me Items used to achieve max cash
!ancienthiltAncient Hilt - 992 KC - 28/12/22
!angel | in tHe rEALM OF osrS, ANGEL's tHe name, braVING CANAdian ChILLS, sHE MAsTERs ThE GamE
!aoaaCurtis is not part of The AOAAGOLD Team, He is only using their bot.
!aoaagoldbotAOAAgoldBot is aoaagold members only, Proddy and Zero then made ZHBot for everyone to use, (ZH = Zero Hampo) Can be found here: login via twitch.
!arcane/me First Ironman to get an Arcane Sigil. check my reaction here!!
!arma/me Pet Kree'arra - 1294 KC - 18/07/2020
!AWAKENEDCompleted 4/4 on 11-Feb-2024 | Whisperer [Done] | Duke [Done] | Vardorvis [Done] Off Stream, | Leviathan [Done]
!axesBetter NPC Highlight (plugin hub): Add 12225, 12227 under True Tile > True Tile IDs. Check "True tile highlight". Add 12226 to Hull, check "Hull highlight"
!badges/me !subbadges !bitbadges !giftbadges
!bamlot The true 4Head
!bankIronman Bank Video 2022:
!banned{sender} is permanently banned from talking in Mmorpg chat.
!bbc/me Tired of playing all by yourself? Then join our POGGIES Clan Chat, "BBC" ! We have a community full of active and helpful people, who are always there to either PvM, Skill or chill with you! Just ask a chat moderator for an invite! Also don't forget to check out our community !discord for events, achievements, pet pictures, loots, memes etc! How to apply -->
!bellator1x Bellator vestige
!bigbooty/me Yes he makes us Floshed
!bitbadges/me Detailed info:
!blackjack/me Current Jabroni: - // Current VIPs: LockeRS, jarobey
!blackscreenTry refreshing until it works or go to and see if that works
!blorvaCompleted 4/4 on 11-Feb-2024 | Whisperer [Done] | Duke [Done] | Vardorvis [Done] Off Stream, | Leviathan [Done]
!bonesThe bones are noted because marks of grace on the Ardougne agility course stay on the ground for 10 minutes
!bosshsMmorpg Current Boss Highscores -
!boxbath/me Bath in a box LIVE!
!brace"When equipped, there is a 25% chance for a slayer assignment kill to not count as a kill towards it, but still granting the appropriate slayer experience. The bracelet only needs to be worn for the killing blow for its effect to work. It will provide 30 charges before disappearing."
!brenda mmorpgBrenda
!bring/me alot
!brokenchatIf your chat has been broken by gif emotes during a camflip, RareWoox or techno chicken, make sure to open chat settings (That little cog in the bottom left) and click "Clear My Chat"
!bttvNot Seeing Pog / ppJedi / RareParrot ? Download BTTV and Turn on BTTV / Gif Emotes!
!bucket/me 56 KC - 04/04/2019
!buckler/me 2,287 KC - 26/02/2019
!canibetheproThe Peoples Champ
!car/me Curtis got black Ford Fiesta (1.25L) on Thursday (05/03). No pictures yet :)
!ccsThieving -> Splashworlds or Thievinghost || Fallen Stars -> Star Miners || Item Delivery -> Deliveritems || Nex FFA -> NexFFA
!cerberus/me Hellpuppy - 1236 KC - 29/05/2020
!chair/me Noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair - Black/Blue
!chaircontent/me Finally some good fucking content.
!challenge604 deaths later, 6 Jads = Complete EZ Youtube:
!charityToday we are supporting Hanannie's campaign named Not Dead Yet. This is for mental support and suicide prevention! Tonight at 8pm we will do a special event on @zecookies stream as well for it, where I will play once again as a HCIM. Donate here
!chestguard/me 174 KC - 14/03/2019
!claw7x Hydra's claw - 275, 492, 1392, 2183, 5350, 5779 & 5784 KCs
!claws/me 2,449 KC - 12/03/2019
!client/me Runelite:
!cloakThe juicy youtube cloak compilation! -
!clues/me !beginner !easy !medium !hard !elite !master
!cm3x Twisted ancestral colour kit (!kit2), 1x Metamorphic dust (!dust)
!cocaineLooking pretty sus Exportingcocaine
!coin{sender} has won 1gp in today's giveaway.
!combatrewardsIf you wish to see the rewards from the Combat Achievement Diaries, you can see them here:
!corepet/me 3166 KC - 15/10/2017
!corepet2/me 4890 KC - 28/01/2018
!corp3 DWH Specs 20 Arclight Specs 200 BGS Damage - Curtis repeatedly teleports in, specs the corp to lower its stats, and teleports to his POH to reset his HP and specbar. Once the corp's stats are low enough he fights it without taking any damage due to its low stats, which saves a lot of food.
!corp1I got a little suprise in this Episode. check it out
!corp2Did i manage to get an Elysian Sigil this episode?
!corp3Watch me getting the worst drop in the game
!corp4Did i get a Holy Elixer this round?
!cowbobs ,
!cox95 Purples: 24x Dexterous prayer scroll, 28x Arcane prayer scroll, 1x Twisted buckler, 7x Dragon hunter crossbow, 4x Dinh's bulwark, 3x Ancestral hat, 3x Ancestral robe top, 5x Ancestral robe bottom, 2x Dragon claws, 2x Elder maul, 3x Kodai insignia & 3x Twisted bow.
!crate/me Opening the jagex loot crate with juicy items
!craws/me 9,437 KC - 06/05/2019
!dagger/me Abyssal dagger & Superior spawn at the same time
!deaths0/5 lives remaining. (1) Zecookies fell to deviant spectres in the Catacombs of Kourend w/o a nose peg. (no clip). (2) Mr. Mammal (NMZ Off stream). (3) Mr. Mammal (DC'ed at CG) (4) Faux no pray at Tekton. (5) Mr. Mammal wrong pray at Hydra.
!desk/me EUREKA ERGONOMIC Gaming Desk L60
!dickpic/me CURTIS NUDES
!discordCurtis': // Other discord servers:
!donateToday we are supporting the Gamers Outreach Foundation. You can make sure children in hospitals dont xp waste by donating via this link
!doorType 4Head to enter the door giveaway.
!drops/me !nightmare -> Personal drops // !seen -> Drops NOT in my name
!dt2 [On the main - MMORPG] Try - !Leviathan [!Venator] | !Duke [!magus] | !Whisperer [!bellator] | !Vardorvis [!ultor] | !Awakened or !Blorva | !Orbs
!duke1x Eye of the Duke (199KC), 1x Magus Vestige (450KC)
!duoWatch both perspectives AT THE SAME TIME PogU
!dust/me Metamorphic dust - 101 CM KC - 11/07/2020
!easy3422 easy clues // Items missing in treasure chest after update: // Log:
!elconnor1337.37 Donation:
!Eldritch1x Eldritch orb (809 KC)
!eliteItems missing in treasure chest after update:
!email/me Twitch sends you an email with which streamer you watched the most. Tweet @mmorpgcp with a screenshot for extra moistness
!essence/me After 25,452 Moss giant kills, 7 Giant champion scrolls, 9 Curved bones and 228 keys - its finally achieved
!faceguard/me 332 KC - 20/04/2019
!FauxRanch Truck: The Captain
!ffz/me Not Seeing Floshed / peepoHappy / YEP ? FrankerFaceZ is a Extension that gives you more emotes & Twitch features!
!fireskipFire skip: // Lightning skip:
!fixpyroLord_Of_Pyro > Pyro_Osrs
!followedYou can click your name to see your Following or do /followed if you have !BTTV mmorpgJuicy
!font/me (BetterTTV needed) You can get the old text font by doing this: 1. Go to settings (left of the chat button) 2. Click on "Set Font" 3. Type "Helvetica Neue" in the box that appears. Done!
!fossilsYou can build the display cases in the bottom of varrock museum for Kudos & Experience lamps! :)
!gauntlet/me 200 Normal & 604 Corrupted. 8x Crystal armour seed, 1x Youngllef, 1x Blade of saeldor
!gem/me 202 Superior Encounters into the grind, 558 overall! 20/09/2018
!ghostsYes, the streamer knows that he only needs to kill the ghosts that say “VITA.” However, killing all ghosts grants a 50-75 extra damage attack on the whisperer and also heals said streamer.
!giftsong/me 1: // 2-9: // 10-19: // 20-49: // 50-99: // 100:
!gilded/me First Gilded Piece!
!gimbarrows1x DH Body (09KC) | 1x AH skirt (29KC) | 2x AH Top (31KC/175KC) | 1x Torag Legs (42KC) | 1x AH staff (43KC) | 2x K-Top (45KC) | 1x Ahrim's hood (106KC) | 1x Torag's helm (113KC) | 1x Verac's brassard (144KC) | 1x Dharok's Axe (162KC)
!gimbarrows2Guthan's helm (182KC) | Verac's flail (198KC) |Karil's Xbow (245KC) | Karil's skirt (302KC) |
!gimcg8x Crystal armour seed (39KC, 100KC, 175KC, 218KC, 276KC, 369KC, 386KC, 540KC) | 2x Youngllef (51KC/269KC) | 10x Crystal weapon seed | 5x Enhanced weapon seed. (136 KC, 156KC, 194KC, 253KC, 305KC) ,, , ,
!gimcox1x Ancestral robe bottom (17KC) | 1x Dexterous prayer scroll (107KC) | 1x Arcane prayer scroll (155KC)
!gimdropsFollow these commands : [only curtis's drops] !gimbarrows !gimbarrows2 !gimfirecape !gimzulrah !gimtoa !gimcg !gimcox !gimdt2 !gimrangers !gimpets
!gimdt24x Chromium ingot | 26x awakener's orb | 2x Virtus robe top (43 kc, 231KC) | 1x Virtus robe bottom (84kc) | 1x Siren's staff (126KC) | 1x Bellator vestige (553KC)
!gimfirecapeFirst Firecape completed on the HCGIM on 08th June 2023 -
!gimpetsSnakeling pet (951 KC) | 2x Youngllef (51KC/269KC)
!gimrangers2x Ranger boots (95 kc)
!gimtoa1x Osmumten's fang (03KC) | 1x Masori chaps (29KC)
!gimzulrah2x Jar of swamp | 2x Tanzanite fang (38KC & 397KC) | 1x Uncut onyx (53KC) | 2x Serp visage (434 KC & 1388) | 2x Magic fang (792 KC & 1431 KC ) | Snakeling pet (951 KC) |
!giveaway/me Giveaway is over, wait for the next one :)
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!goalsDT2 Items, All pets, Easy clue, HM ToB items:
!godGarden of Death Quest locations
!golem1. vardorvis 2. perseriya 3. duke sucellus 4. The whisperer 5. frostenhorn
!guide or An Ironman guide By OzirisRS
!hardItems missing in treasure chest after update:
!harm/me Harmonised orb - 3706 KC - 21/05/2020
!harm2/me 2nd Harmonised orb - 4830 KC - 20/09/2020
!headphonesSennheiser HD 560S
!headset/me Sennheiser HD 599 Special Edition
!heart/me Curtis got the heart at 197 superiors 10/05/2017
!hellofreshDo you wanna get 99 Cooking IRL? Are you tired of running out of running energy in the supermarket? Then use my wifes code ZECOOKIES to get 60% off your first box with Hello Fresh! Hello Fresh delivers fresh ingredients of your favourite picked dishes right to your doorstep! Order today at: , Available in UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand
!hellothere/me General Kenobi
!heron/me 14m~ XP - 31/05/2017
!heron2/me 14.9m XP - 27/10/2018
!hilt/me First Raids 2 Drop!
!hindwers/me Best Cave Dweller I know WideHard
!hiscores/me Visit the OSRS Hiscores page here:
!holzkernHolzkern has you covered for watches and accessories. Get 15% OFF at Holzkern website using my code 'mmorpg' at "Be proud to be unique!”
!howlong73 inches gachiGASM
!huedynamic/me Wonder how the streamer got those lights POPPIN? He is using hueDynamic for Hue. You need Philips Hue lights to use it. Download it here
!hunterHere is a recommended hunter video guide:
!hydra/me Hydra pet: // Log: // First uniques: // Brimstone key loot:
!inferno/me 05/09/2017
!instantpolmon42 (15/05/23 13:19)
!invoCheck out the invocation that got the Farmers their first purple KKona
!invocations!340 !300duo
!ironmanIronman mode and Ultimate Ironman mode are account-types that were released in Old School RuneScape on October 13, 2014, as official support for the Ironman style of playing, where players are completely self-sufficient.
!jacktazHi guys Jacktaz here, as in jacking off watching Taz haha :p Am also full time spammer now in the oldschool Runescape category that's what the badge is for :p Might change my name to SparcJack cause ive been emptying my sacc watching him lately :p I play a lot of RS3 now in hopes of buying infernal cape on OSRS one day
!jad/me 81 KC - 08/04/2017
!jarsHow Curtis got jars for the imps: Take full inventory of jars to Puro-Puro, catch 3 Essence, 2 Eclectic and 1 Nature implings, trade them for Jar generator, catch full inventory of Eclectic implings, use Jar generator at the bank, take full inventory of jars and repeat.
!jaw/me 3,477 Total KC (907 on-task & 2,570 off-task) - 30/09/2019
!jessiemiaj/me cmonBruh Don't click this:
!jonnoThe true gentleman. Simping for Mr MMORPG every night on Twitch dot Tee Vee. //
!jonnobrain/me reminds Jonno not to volunteer as Warden today
!kbdThe best reaction ever recorded 4Head
!keyboard/me Razer BlackWidow 2014 Tournament Edition
!kit2/me 2nd Twisted ancestral colour kit - 75 KC - 17/06/2020
!klamsmith10k Red bits badge only through ads <3
!kq/me 667 KC - 15/05/2016
!kraken/me Pet Kraken - 5836 KC - 07/06/2020
!l4shadowWe love to see it Gladge
!l4visagethe POWER of Michelle Visage Pogey -->
!laptopI am using the Razer Blade Pro:
!lastdropVenator vestige #2 (1220KC)
!lastpet1x Wisp (1011kc) 04-Feb-2024 |
!lastsigilElysian, KC 6061
!leagues4• Desert -> Asgarnia -> Kandarin • The Mage Route • =Relics= Tier 1: Production Prodigy. Tier 2: Fairy’s Flight. Tier 3: Fire Sale. Tier 4: Superior Sorcerer. Tier 5: Treasure Seeker. Tier 6: Farmer’s Fortune. Tier 7: Berserker. Tier 8: Guardian --> !l4shadow for Shadow clip and !l4visage for Wyvern visage clip peepoHappy
!leaguespets[11/49] - !leaguesolmlet !leaguesphoenix !leaguessirepet !leagueszik !leaguesnightmare !leaguesskotos !leaguesrocky
!leaguesrocky(Off stream)
!leaguesskotos(Off stream)
!Leviathan1x Virtus robe top (284KC) | 2x Venator vestige (973KC & 1220KC)
!lightbearerLightbearer - 51 KC - 27/08/2022
!linkOi @Mmorpg link the song in chat pls
!listList & Goals:
!lives0/5 lives remaining. (1) Zecookies fell to deviant spectres in the Catacombs of Kourend w/o a nose peg. (no clip). (2) Mr. Mammal (NMZ Off stream). (3) Mr. Mammal (DC'ed at CG) (4) Faux no pray at Tekton. (5) Mr. Mammal wrong pray at Hydra.
!love{channel} has been given {count} loves.
!lump/me 9,921 KC - 19/10/2019
!luxThe Discord Daddy
!mace/me 1,374 KC - 19/03/2019
!magusMagus Vestige (450KC)
!mammalYep Cow: The Crafter
!masori3x Masori body | 8x Masori chaps | 2x Masori mask
!masterItems missing in treasure chest after update:
!max/me Max cape was achieved on 21st of January 2017 at 4:15pm GMT. Last level was 99 smithing which I made a spectral spirit shield for in Burthorpe. Youtube video:
!mccuntis MC Cuntis droppin' bars
!mccuntis3 THE 3RD ALBUM
!meatSpicy mmorpgTender
!medium/me 1,577 medium clues // Items missing in treasure chest after update:
!mic/me Shure SM7B + GoXLR Helicon Mini Amp
!mixes/me mmorpgTune What are these bangers playing on stream you ask? Check out the mix playlist: Presented by DJ Kumbaya mmorpgB mmorpgTune
!mmorpgSexyteurs: The Hunter
!modWant to clear chat? Type /mods 4Head
!modstype /mods in the chat to enhance your chat experience FunRun
!modspamHello Mr/Mrs moderator, I noticed that you are spamming in the chat quite a lot. Would you mind stopping said spam please? Thank you for your time. :)
!mole/me 1748 KC - 10/06/2016
!moralsupportSPAM this 🐫 to SAVE Mr. Maymmal 🐫 dinkDonk No Jordan Deaths dinkDonk peepoCheer go Mammal go peepoCheer
!motivation"Sometimes its not all about the fastest xp, but the importance of the rune you're crafting" - Curtis 2k16
!mouse/me Corsair M55 PRO RGB
!mousepadCurrently store is unavailable. Check back later.
!movemberMy brother is taking part in Movember this year, if you would like to support then make sure to roast him in your donation comment!! £1000 by the end of the month and he will dye his tash GREEN!
!multiFARMERS v2 Multistream KKona
!mutagen/me 17/06/2016
!nerdWow curtis getting 6 hour logged again what a nerd! 4Head
!news/me Find out the latest OSRS updates going on here! :)
!nexNex drops in my name : 4x Torva Full Helm (!torvahelm & !torvahelm3), 2x Nexling (!nexling), 2x Ancient Hilt (!ancienthilt), 2x Zaryte Vambraces (!vambs), 5x Torva Platebody (!torvabody), 6x Nihil Horn (!Nihil), 1x Torva platelegs (!torvalegs)
!nexccJoin "NexFFA"
!nexlingNexling - 922 KC - 29/09/2022
!nibbler/me Jal-nib-rek - 13 KC & 5 Gambles - 06/08/2020
!nightmare9x Jar of dreams, 6x Nightmare staff (!Staff), 3x Inquisitor's plateskirt (!nmskirt), 1x Little Nightmare (!nmpet), 1x Inquisitor's mace (!nmmace), 2x Inquisitor's hauberk (!nmbody !nmbody2), 2x Harmonised orb (!harm !harm2), 3x Inquisitor's great helm (!nmhelm), 1x Eldritch orb (!Eldritch), 1x Volatile orb (!Volatile)
!nihil6x Nihil Horn
!nmbody/me Inquisitor's hauberk - 3267 KC - 19/04/2020
!nmbody2/me 2nd Inquisitor's hauberk - 4977 KC - 04/10/2020
!nmhelm3x Inquisitor's great helm (222KC)
!nmjar/me 7th Jar of dreams - 3998 KC
!nmjar2/me 8th Jar of dreams - 4102 KC - 12/07/2020
!nmmace/me Inquisitor's mace - 2382 KC - 29/03/2020
!nmpet/me Little Nightmare - 1698 KC - 20/03/2020
!nmskirt/me Inquisitor's plateskirt - 743 KC - 21/02/2020
!nolderAsk me about my KKona
!nondmca/me To safely play this on your stream you might need 'Monstercat Gold' & 'Liquicity Astronauts' subscriptions + to mention some artists in your bio (check Curtis' bio under the stream)
!noon/me 192 KC - 29/10/2017
!ocean/me OCEAN MAN 🌊 Take me by the hand ✋ lead me to the land that you understand 🙌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎 globe is a real trip 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 The crust of a tan man 👳 imbibed by the sand Soaking up the 💦 thirst of the land 💯
!oceanmanOCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 Take me by the hand ✋ lead me to the land that you understand 🙌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎 globe is a real trip 👌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The crust of a tan man 👳 imbibed by the sand 👍 Soaking up the 💦 thirst of the land 💯
!oiWho the hell are you?!
!oldbadges/me You can get the old pre-december twitch badges back by doing this: Step 1: Download FrankerFaceZ chrome plugin: Step 2: Go to the FrankerFaceZ command centre (dog face upside down) (top right, left of your avatar,) Step 3: Go to "Chat -> Badges" and select Version "1(Pre December 2019)
!olm/me KKong Country Olm KKong Take me home KKong To the place I got T-Bow KKong Quidamortem KKong Dungeon mamma, take me home KKong Country Olm KKong
!orb/me Harmonised orb - 3706 KC - 21/05/2020
!orbsHow many Orbs did Curtis use, you ask? Watch this :
!paintbrushNeed a new paintbrush? Tired of all the hard work? Get the CurtisBrush 9000 today for the low price of £49.99!
!pc/me (Temperatures while streaming)
!pets[31/57] Pets! List with KCs and rates:
!phantomsafespotImport this for the current safespot: [{"regionId":11330,"regionX":28,"regionY":29,"z":0,"color":"#FFFF0000"}]
!philPhil is a fleek grill from planet earth, specialized in luring you for your bank and take the remainders off your body. OpieOP
!phoenix/me Phoenix - 31.5m XP - 373 KC - 10/10/2020
!playlist{sender} you can find Curtis' Spotify Playlist here:
!pmodCurtis got upgraded from Ironman to Ironmod on 22/05/2018 Keepo
!podcastListen to Curtis on Sae Bae’s podcast here ->
!pogoAdd Curtis on Pokemon GO ---> 5273 7168 6550 <--- Denise ----> 8059 9441 7681 <---
!popup/me How to enable the collection log pop-up
!posterCurrently store is unavailable. Check back later.
!prime/me Pet Dagannoth Prime - 2492 KC - 27/08/20
!pyroHi guys Pyro here, as in Pyro (fire) like a pyromancer haha :p Am also a streamer now in the oldschool Runescape category that's what the OSRS in the name is :p Might change my name to MLM Pyro cause ive been emptying my sacc a lot latey :p I watch a lot of other streamers in hopes of stealing some of their FPS for my strem
!raidshelp/me Want reliable groups for raiding? Are you new to raids and nobody will teach you? Maybe you're an experienced raider and want to teach others? Join the WeDoRaids community! Discord: Website:
!rain🌧 > 🌽 > 🥃 > KKone 👉 🍑 mmorpgBrenda
!rapier/me 494 KC - 09/05/2019
!RareParrotRareParrot Activate RareParrot
!RareParrot_masteris sexier than Lambstew
!ratesTombs of Amascut droprate calculator:
!redikarpThe pet RNG god himself
!redlips:lipstick: Red lips always lie
!requestThe tune must be played or there will be a riot!
!respectPress f to pay respects BibleThump
!revs/me 8x Amulet of avarice, 2x Craw's bow (!craws), 3x Viggora's chainmace (!mace), 1x Thammaron's sceptre (!sceptre) Final log
!ring/me Ring of endurance - 109 Grand hallowed coffins - 20/01/2021
!ringof3a/me 2 Mimic KC - 25/05/2019
!RoidieHusk Shucker: The Quester
!roulette/me Standard blackjack rules, with the exception of a re-roll if the Streamer rolls the same number as you. 10, 11, 12, 13 = 10 (10, Jack, Queen & King). 1 = Ace (1 or 11 down to choice). If you roll over 21 you lose, same to the streamer.
!runedrags/me 10x Dragon limbs, 3x Draconic visage, 1x Dragon metal lump (!lump)
!sang/me 549 KC - 15/05/2019
!sarachnis/me 250 KC - 01/02/2020
!saturday/me It's Saturdaaaay
!sax🎷 ainsleySpicy
!scepter/me 48,447 Skulled Revenants KC - 02/11/2019
!sceptre/me 48,447 Skulled Revenants KC - 02/11/2019
!scrolls/me Scrolls left: Hobgoblin, Ghoul & Jogre // Scrolls obtained: Imp, Goblin, Skeleton, Zombie, Giant, Earth warrior & Lesser demon
!scythe/me 257 KC - 04/04/2019 mmorpgGasm
!seenDrops NOT in my name: 10x Nightmare staff, 8x Inquisitor's great helm, 7x Inquisitor's hauberk, 9x Inquisitor's plateskirt, 1x Inquisitor's mace, 2x Eldritch orb, 3x Harmonised orb, 3x Volatile orb, 20x Jar of dreams, 1x Little Nightmare
!setup/me !pc !chair !desk !mic !webcam !headset !mouse !mousepad !keyboard
!shadow1x Tumeken's shadow (793 KC)
!sharexDon't use gyazo in the current year. Take 2 minutes to set up ShareX, you won't regret it.
!shoesizestreamer's shoe size, is a size 9 UK
!sigils8x Spectral, 5x Arcane, 1x Elysian, 0x Divine 👈 monkaX
!sire/me 824 KC - 10th Unsired - 01/02/2020
!sisterThis is my sister, she's shy
!sjefke <message deleted> BANNED
!skeletal/me Skeletal Visage on 3,479 KC 22/09/2018
!skipIs it a Sjefke song request? 4Head
!skotos/me Skotos pet, 135 KC 18/08/2018
!slice/me 5,050 KC - 13/07/2019
!smalltext/me To make your Boosted Stat text smaller in Runelite, go to Settings -> Runelite -> Overlay Settings Change the "Interface Overlay Font" to Small.
!snakeling/me 6495 KC - 25/07/2016
!snapchatmmorpgJ2 mmorpgrs mmorpgJ1
!sneakNeed that extra boost to help you focus while you game!? Sneak is an energy supplement made for gaming with zero sugar and no junk ingredients. That means clean fuel without the crash! Visit mmorpgSneak mmorpgJuicy mmorpgJ1 USE CODE: MMORPG for 10% off your order and to support the stream!!
!sneakvid| Check out the link -> for the latest Mmorpg Sneak Challenge video!
!social/me mmorpgJ1 Follow Curtis on the Socials! mmorpgJ2 Youtube [ ] mmorpgSneak Twitter [ ] mmorpgSexy Instagram [ ] mmorpgFlip Snapchat [ MmorpgRS ] mmorpgNice
!soloraid/me Woox Solo Guide - // Stay West 4:1 Guide - // Tiprikidi 4:1 Guide - // Synq Solo Raid Guide - // Tekton:
!song/me You can locate the song name next to the webcam mmorpgTune If the song being played and the song displayed do not match, or the overlay is not there, ask the Streamer for a song !link mmorpgB
!songrequest/me Curtis currently only takes song requests from his !playlist mmorpgTune
!soundtrack/me Yes streamer plays DMCA music. This program called Soundtrack by Twitch will delete all music from your vod/clips so streamer can't get DMCA striked. Download it here
!spadeCURTIS YOU FORGOT YOUR SPADE!!!1!!1!11!!!!1!!!11!!!!!!!!
!SpecweaponsDWH spec gives a % reduction of defence so is used first becasue it gives the best reduction to begin with. The BGS gives a flat defence Reduction, So is used second when it becomes more efficient.
!spellThe Streamer is currently using The Spell "Undead Grasp" from the Arceuus Spellbook requiring 79 Magic to use which also allows him to use Thralls for extra damage
!sponsorThis Stream is Sponsored by !Sneak mmorpgSneak
!sr/me Curtis currently only takes song requests from his !playlist mmorpgTune
!staff/me Nightmare staff - 620 KC - 18/02/2020
!stats/me Ironman: // Zerker: // Leagues: // Farmers: // FarmersV2 :
!subSubscribe today to get bunch of juicy emotes Spicy
!subcount/me Left side of streamers gorgeous face underneath current song KappaPride
!subpeak/me Most subs in a single stream 17/04/2021
!subsong/me Tier 1: // Tier 2: // Tier 3: // Badge upgrade:
!summary/me Twisted League summary:
!supreme/me Pet Dagannoth Supreme - 2433 KC - 14/08/2020
!taskNot doing CAs atm
!tbdrops/me !tbbp !tbinferno !tbgem !tbblade !tbblade2 !tbdfh !tbdfs !tbsang !tbrapier !tbnmstaff !tbvisage !tbrangers
!tbow/me 1,415 KC - 26/04/2018
!tbow2/me 2,160 KC - 16/02/2019
!tbow3/me 65 CM KC - 08/06/2020
!thermy/me Pet Smoke Devil - 1718 KC - 27/04/2020
!toa1x Tumeken's shadow (!shadow) , 8x Masori chaps (!masori), 21x Lightbearer (!lightbearer), 21x Osmumten's fang (No clip), 9x Elidinis' ward (!ward), 2x Masori mask (!masori), 3x Masori body (!masori), 1x Tumeken's guardian (!tumeken)
!tob((( COMPLETE ))) 549 KC 7x Avernic Defender Hilt, 2x Justiciar Legguards, 3x Justiciar Chestguard, 2x Scythe of Vitur, 3x Justiciar Faceguard, 1x Ghrazi Rapier, 1x Sanguinesti Staff (19 Total)
!today!holzkern | !sneak | !newvid | !goals | !dt2 | 1x Chromium ingot, 1x Venator vestige #2 (1220KC)
!toolseed/me 938/1,469/1,792 KCs -
!torvaHere are the commands for all the Torva items : !torvabody | !torvalegs | !torvahelm & !torvahelm3 | !nex for all the nex drops.
!torvabodyTorva platebody - 1320 KC - 08/01/2023
!torvahelmTorva full helm - 110 KC - 05/01/2022
!torvahelm3Torva Full Helm - 1071 KC - 30/12/22
!torvalegs1x Torva platelegs
!treesA guide made for Curtis by Sjefke7833
!twistedbow/me Twisted bow - 105+10 CM KC - 07/01/2020
!twistedleague/me !summary // Full info:
!twistedmaul/me Elder maul - 77 KC - 28/12/2019
!twistedtbow/me Twisted bow - 105+10 CM KC - 07/01/2020
!twistedtome/me Tome of fire on Mobile - 465 KC - 03/01/2020
!twistedvissy/me Draconic visage on Mobile - 27/12/2019
!ultorUltor vestige (1087 KC)
!unlocksCheck out the image for Leagues Regional Unlocks |
!v208-May-2023 to 28-Jan-2024 | The last life was lost on 28th Jan 2024 | V2 lasted 265 days. Clap
!vambsZaryte Vambraces - 1272 KC - 06/01/23
!Vardorvis1x Ultor vestige (1087 KC) | 1x Executioner's axe head (1467 KC)
!venatorVenator vestige (973KC) | Venator vestige #2 (1220KC)
!venenatis/me 218 KC - 21/08/2015
!vetionVet'ion Jr - 1382 KC - 21/05/21
!vipsTannnk, SirLagalott - End of feb - Victalis_ March 6th, cata5hi - End of march
!virtus1x Virtus robe top (284KC) |
!visage/me Ancient Wyvern Visage at 20,148 KC! 03/12/2018
!vissy/me 26/04/2015
!vissy2/me 08/01/2018
!vlog/me Runefest 2019 vlog:
!Volatile1x Volatile orb (841 KC)
!vorki/me Vorki 1,738 KC - 24/04/2018
!voteThankyou so much for voting for me and the channel this year. We made it to the finals!! If you would like to vote for the WIN!!! then vote here:
!ward1x Elidinis' ward (09KC)
!wardensgachiHYPER Jacktaz - Mop of the Gym/Cumrag of the Locker Room gachiPRIDE Joshwatt - Dungeon Master (Ensuring hell for our personal Jabroni) gachiGASM The God of Screwing Up - The Overseer (Of the 24 hour chambers) billyReady Kdje2 - Long Dick Brennan (Oh you'll find out why boy)
!wardens2gachiCozy perfectsalad - Lieutenant Leather (Whips, chains and torture for the brain) gachiGASM Mr Paulmer - Captain CBT (The scientist behind the methods we use to deliver our LOVE to the DWELLERS of the CHAMBERS) PowerFilter, Revillia, Dirm, Kenvdsar, Khanzed, iIDreamZs_NL
!webcam/me Logitech C920
!Whisperer1x Bellator vestige (1112 KC) 4x Siren's staff, 1x Wisp (1011kc)
!whispererpbThis clips explain how Curtis got the GM time on Whisperer (Currently at 1:55)
!wifemmorpgMmm 💍
!wisp1011 kc
!wooxWoox won
!xericPronounced: Zeric. Pronounced by Curtis: Eggs Eric
!yead🎤 3Heading dont woist yer toime on me, yer olready voic inside my yead
!yesterday3x Awakener's orb, 1x Venator vestige
!youngllef/me 209 Corrupted KC - 02/09/2019
!youtubeCheck out all of the drops and reactions on my youtube at
!ytCheck out all of the drops and reactions on my youtube at
!zalcano/me 5x Zalcano shard, 1x Uncut onyx, 3x Crystal tool seed
!zammy15x Staff of the dead | 96x Zamorakian spear | 89x Steam battlestaff | 19x Zamorak hilt | 0x Pet k'ril tsutsaroth Sadge
!Zamorak15x Staff of the dead | 96x Zamorakian spear | 89x Steam battlestaff | 19x Zamorak hilt | 0x Pet k'ril tsutsaroth Sadge
!zaniah/me Godly Hardcore with a 1kc tbow and pet at 1,792 points Pog
!zarytevambsZaryte vambraces - 1272 KC - 06/01/23
!zavviTV, Movies, Shows & Music.. Zavvi is the home of POP CULTURE. For the perfect merchandise and gifts use my link: and use CODE: MMORPG for 10% off!
!zealot/me 518 Gold chests (511 for full set) -> 11x Runescroll of bloodbark, 7x Runescroll of swampbark & 10x Gold lock
!zecookdzecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS zecookD zecookDS
!zecookiesStep Trekker: The Collector
!zhbotI like to suddenly die at random 4Head
!zulrah or
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gachiGASMgachiGASM Clap
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nolderI dont know how to mod
peepoCheerpeepoCheer go Curtis go peepoCheer peepoCheer go Curtis go peepoCheer peepoCheer go Curtis go peepoCheer peepoCheer go Curtis go peepoCheer peepoCheer go Curtis go peepoCheer
song/me You can locate the song name next to the webcam mmorpgTune If the song being played and the song displayed do not match, or the overlay is not there, ask the Streamer for a song !link mmorpgB
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WeebsWEEBS SMOrc 👉 🚪
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