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!about/me You may have seen me around as a moderator in various channels. Basically I'm a big gamer and a HUGE simp. Ask me if you want to see my simp card. If you like what you see, drop a follow. mmorpgMmm
!audible/me Try a free trial to directly support the streamer. Listen while you scape. Click below for direct links!
!blessed"That's the first time Gina has ever used the word dude, good job Simon"
!charity/me On Saturday 16th January, we held a 24hr stream and raised over £2,100 for the British Red Cross. You can continue donating here:
!covid/me I got tested negative! jonnouPog UK Government advice:
!discord/me We don't have our own Discord but if you want to join our little community then join Jessiemiaj's discord here:
!donate/me Moderator ZHBot Donate to the charity here: // Donate to me here:
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!follow/me DROP A CHEEKY FOLLOW jonnouHumble
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!ironman/me I've clocked almost a weeks playtime on this Ironman account. It's the first time I've properly focused on one. No - it was never a Hardcore. I'm just playing for fun!
!jalien/me Queen Jessie sent me a Jalien jonnouCrown
!JessieJessica, better known as dj smol tits is a very appreciated moderator in this channel. she also streams at /jessiemiaj
!leagues/me Areas unlocking: Kandarian, Tiranwnn, and we're aiming for Morytania. Ranged Relic!
!love{channel} has been given {count} loves.
!nick/me The best runecrafter in the world, he had the perseverance to go for the pet, it took him 24.886.869xp. 18/01/21
!runelinkNick 3 - 0 Jonno
!setup/me //
!singing/me WutFace Make it stop
!skotos/me I put the cute Skotos drawing on some merchandise! It's as cheap as it can be, and it would support me. Check it out:
!sneak/me No sponsor, but this stuff is great. Sneak can be bought at // Have it as suggested, not like this:
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