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!abbieinsta@abbie_bradshaw's Instagram: @abbie_bradshaw Abbie's VFX: @abbie_vfx
!about/me Hey There! I'm Jessie, a 20 year old from Blackpool in the UK. I've been playing Runescape for over 15 years (on and off, still a NOOB). I'm currently a student studying Computer Science. 🚀
!amongus/me Every now and then we will play Among Us on stream. If I'm playing, then I'm probably playing with viewers. Join !discord to play with us :)
!announcement/me MORE DETAILS TBC, BASIS: // Channel:
!bgloves/me Obtained 27-08-20
!cc/me Clan Chat: jessiemiaj
!chair/me Noble Chairs Icon White / Black
!corona/me At the beginning of August I went to Ibiza. I came back with a tan, good memories, and a healthy dose of Coronavirus. I had to self-isolate but I'm okay now!
!curtis/me He is #1 Simp
!deathgoblin killed me
!discord/me Join the Discord: // If you are a subscriber, make sure you link your Twitch account to Discord to get your automatic role!
!emotes/me Not seeing jessieHeyMan jessieGross jessieCrazy jalienHypers JalienPls ? Download BetterTTV here: (New Subscriber emotes pending approval...) jessie67CHAT jessie67WAVEY jessie67DUH
!firecape/me Fire Cape achieved 19-08-2020 //
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!goals/me Ironman Goals: ARDY MED TASKS [ ] 43 PRAYER & MM [ ] 60 BASE STATS [ ]
!hcdeathgoblin killed me
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!ironman/me 'want ge back' was born on 1st September 2020, and so began the ironman grind. I AFK the main account while I stream ironman
!jalien/me Jalien is a professional streamer who is Jessie's mentor. He has over 400 subs and is very popular with the stream. Sometimes he takes over for Jessie as seen here:
!jonno/me Rob's Son:
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!lunaJessie's baby jessie67Luna jessie67Luna jessie67Luna
!maingoals/me Fire Cape !firecape [X] // Dragon Defender !ddef [X] // Slayer helm [ ] // 85 COMBAT STATS [] // Full Graceful [ ] // Barrows Gloves !bgloves [ X ] jessie67DUH
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!onlyfansmmorpgSexy Sorry boys, not today
!pc/me The current PC specs for Jessiemiaj's setup: jessie67Hypers
!phoenix/me 03-09-20
!rob/me Jonno's Dad
!scheduleeveryday at 7pm BUT Mondays, check !discord for any changes :)
!simp/me You're a Simp? Welcome to the club! If you want to simp in-game then sorry, Jessie doesn't take in-game donations. Let Jessie know though, because you could always donate to a community giveaway. Go on, be a Simp today!
!singing/me WutFace Wow such beautiful singing WutFace
!so/me Check out {touser} at{touser}
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!specsThe current PC specs for Jessiemiaj's setup: jessie67Hypers
!spin/me Every FRIYAY the wheels comes out to play... every new sub/follower/gifter/bitter (100 min) gets to spin the wheel! Some rewards include: Jessie taking a shot, winning 1 mill, VIP for the week, great dancing and much more! jessie67Bev
!today/me HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ironwoman gains :) jessie67Hypers
!trio/me Who are the lads? Curtis - and Rob -
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!voicebanis jessie currently voice banned: YES
@moreg00n"Doesn't matter how ugly you are, I'd still tongue your arsehole" - quote by Morgan in VC
@SIMONx1993/me "I just creamed all over myself" - Simon VC 26/09/20