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!bl2ezBL2EZ is a YouTube series I'm working on that I've decided to stream sometimes as well. Link to the playlist:
!ccMy personal CC is open to everyone: T ripwyre
!changeI'm making a change to my stream content. Watch this video for full details:
!charityDonate to our fundraiser for BLM here:
!clientThe client I use is RuneLite:
!donateFor the next month, I am not accepting personal donations. Please instead contribute to my charity fundraiser for BLM:
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!goalsIronman: Make it less terrible. Main: Currently on hold/Rift Guardian Pet I Guess
!howlongIf you use BTTV, type '/followed' to see how long you've been following me. If you don't have BTTV, then frickin' get it, nerd.
!introsI edit videos and have done many YouTube intros for other OSRS content creators. If you'd like to commission me, check out my info here:
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!micI use a Shure SM7B.
!podcastVorpalTongues and I run the RFD Podcast together, although it is currently on hiatus.
!primeIf you have Amazon Prime, you can link it to your Twitch account and get one free subscription per month!
!s&cSubscribe to my Let's Play channel that I run with BattleStove:
!snapchatTripwyreGaming. No nudes pls KKool
!socialWant to follow me elsewhere? Here are my other socials: | | | SnapChat: TripwyreGaming
!sorryI'm not that sorry.
!statsIronman: Main account:
!steamMy Steam profile:
!steveMy roommate also streams! You can check him out here:
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!youtubeCheck out my main YouTube channel which is mainly OSRS focused: