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!bluebrew/me My brother makes awesome remixes for video game soundtracks Pog
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!clan/me I've created my own clan in OSRS [called the D Warriors] and anyone is welcome to join!
!drops/me 3x Magic Fang, 3x Serp Visage, 1x Tanz Muta, 2x Pet, 6x Onyx, 1x Tanz Fang
!dwh/me 4290 KC
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!goals/me GIM -> Bossing, Main Iron -> 2200 Total
!group/me I am playing Group Ironman with VorpalTongues, Iron_Strix, Indie_Blade, and TheeExplorer!
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!merch/me I have my own merch store now! Check it out:
!mic/me I use a Shure SM7B.
!nerd@{touser} Fuckin' nerd 🤓
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