Commands for: faux

!50/me Shift click buy/sell Runelite settings: Menu Entry Swapper > UI Swaps > Buy 50/Sell 50.
!6jads/me Click "Watch Full Video" for the entire fight
!agePaul is {count} years old
!aqp/me A q p
!arma/me 3x Armadyl chestplate (3KC, 117, 1037KC), 1x Pet kree'arra (150KC), 3x Armadyl chainskirt (422KC, 451KC, 678KC), 1x Armadyl helmet (1145KC), 1x Armadyl hilt (1225KC)
!ashen/me The cutest mod that ever wasn't.
!avernic/me 3x Avernic defender hilt (7KC, 8KC FGG, 9KC)
!bandos/me 1x Bandos tassets (134KC), 3x Bandos boots (281KC, minion, 377KC), 1x Bandos hilt (421KC), 1x Bandos chestplate (471KC)
!bats/me Bat Finder plugin. Go to runelite settings, scroll down all the way, click plugin hub, search "bat"
!beer/me The green drink is a scuffed ranged pot (+4) from the Shayzien bar
!bowfa/me 689 KC
!brimstone/me 395 KC for all 3 drops.
!brisket/me Good
!cafuneCafuneReady CafuneReady
!calc/me Set effect calculator:
!cape/me INFERNAL CAPE! fauxMilk fauxMilk
!cc/me Faux > In the clan tab, search for "Faux" in the green tab. Once joined, ask any rank to open applications to become one of the farmers.
!cerb/me 5x Smouldering stone, 6x Primordial crystal, 2x Eternal crystal, 1x Hellpuppy, 1x Jar of souls, 1x Pegasian crystal
!cg6x Crystal armour seed, 1x Enhanced crystal weapon seed
!Charity/me Raised $57,983.17USD in 4 hours for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the GCX Charity Marathon! With reaching $50k total we had to forfeit the Hardcore status. ||
!charity2020Raised /me $57,983.17USD in 4 hours for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the GCX Charity Marathon! With reaching $50k total we had to forfeit the Hardcore status. <3
!clan/me faux
!claw/me 278 KC:
!colors/me Go to BTTV settings, scroll down, click "enable chat colors"
!core/me Let core jump on you, spam click it and run 2 steps west as you swing.
!corp/me 1x Holy elixir (31KC), 4,000x Cannonballs, 175x Onyx bolts (e), 2x Spirit shield (43KC)
!cox/me Lost Fauxcus: 3x Dexterous prayer scroll, 6x Arcane prayer scroll, 1x Dragon hunter crossbow, 1x Twisted bow, 1x Dragon claws (last drop: 380) Goose_Farmer: 1x Dragon hunter crossbow, 4x Dexterous prayer scroll, 1x Ancestral hat, 1x Arcane prayer scroll (last drop: 230)
!coxie/me Don't care
!crates/me Attempting to open a crate with a full inventory shows you how many items you will get before it is opened and can be reclicked to reroll the items within it (3 items instead of 2)
!dad/me Gender Reveal
!dcRoidie DC Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:
!deathDeath #1: Death #2: Death #3:
!dex/me YEP Dex
!dhcb/me (3 KC)
!diary/me Combat Achievement Diaries come out this Wednesday:
!dmm/me DMM Final gear nearly complete (missing ACB):
!dmmvidLatest vid: DMM Day 1 | The PERFECT Start -
!donate/me If you wish to support, you can do so here:
!dpick/me I Risked my Account for a Dragon Pickaxe:
!drops/me GIM drops in my name: !gimtbow !gimenhanced !gimdhcb !gimdex !gimprim !gimpeg !gimeternal !gimtassets !gimvisage !gimzenyte !gimb2bzenyte !gimsotd !gimspear !gimdagger !gimbring !gimacp !gimgem !gimtangleroot !gimyoungllef !gimpuppy
!dwh/me 8955 KC
!fauxcus/me Fauxcus died, 10/11/2016 - 21/06/2018 fauxHC
!fauxcuscorp/me 10x Holy Elixirs, 27x Spirit Shields, 14700x Onyx Bolts (e), 2x Elite Clue, 1x Arcane Sigil
!fauxcuspets/me Beaver (45 WC), Rocky x2 (50, 90 Thieving), Smoke Devil (12 KC), Chompy (64 KC), Abby Orphan (86 KC), K'ril Tsutsaroth (31 KC), Heron (86 Fishing), Rock Golem (82 Mining), Zilyana (628 KC), Supreme (551 KC), Snakeling (1834 KC)
!Fission/me CUSTOM FLAVOR, CUSTOM ENERGY. The future of energy drinks has arrived. Use my link to get 10% off now! -
!forfeitsGCXEvent Forfeits:
!gbandos/me 2x Bandos Chestplate (Mammal, Roidie), 2x Bandos hilt (Roidie, Mammal), 2x Bandos boots (Mammal, Faux)
!gcox/me 1x Olmlet, 5x Dexterous prayer scroll, 5x Arcane prayer scroll, 1x Twisted buckler, 1x Dragon hunter crossbow, 2x Dinh's bulwark, 1x Ancestral robe top, 1x Dragon claws, 1x Twisted bow
!gcx/me Charity stream will be Sat. 6/19 at 8AM ET / 5AM PT / 12PM GMT
!gdwh/me 1x Dragon warhammer (Mammal, 1095KC)
!ghost/me Level 76 Arceuus spell, Ressurect Greater Ghost. Max hit of 3.
!giantseaweed/me don't wanna
!gimdrops/me GIM drops in my name: !gimtbow !gimenhanced !gimdhcb !gimdex !gimprim !gimpeg !gimeternal !gimtassets !gimvisage !gimzenyte !gimb2bzenyte !gimsotd !gimspear !gimdagger !gimbring !gimacp !gimgem !gimtangleroot !gimyoungllef !gimpuppy
!giveaway/me I do not do giveaways
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!gnome/me Won the Golden Gnome for Best Oldschool Runescape Streamer! fauxFlex1 fauxFlex2
!Group/me My group: | | | YT Series (Mammal's POV):
!gzammy/me 3x Zamorakian spear, 5x Steam battlestaff, 1x Godsword shard 1, 2x Godsword shard 2, 1x Godsword shard 3, 2x Zamorak hilt, 1x Staff of the dead
!hard/me Master clue requirements: Zammy full helm, Bandos platebody, Black dragon mask
!hardcore/me Hardcore is not dead.
!hellpuppy/me 528 KC
!hilt/me 421 KC
!hub/me Runelite settings > scroll all the way down.
!hydra/me Hydra's eye (97 KC), Hydra claw (278 KC)
!inferno/me Infernal Cape Completed
!infoNew account
!jaw/me 452 KC
!kril/me Pet k'ril tsutsaroth, 31 kc PogChamp
!lastdeath/me Not yet sure what we're gonna do if all lives are lost.
!League/me The League 3 starting guide is pinned in the "Leagues 3" channel in
!leftclick/me Runelite settings, scroll down, click plugin hub, search "Menu Swapper Extended", install, check God Wars Private Instance
!LegionLenovo powers gamers with our Legion line of monitors, peripherals, & laptops/desktops powered by Intel® CoreTM i7 Processors. Learn more -
!link/me Imgur and Gyazo links are allowed, but only runescape-related images please
!lives/me The Farmers have 1/4 lives KEKW . Each group gets 1 life per player in the group. Death 1: Mr Mammal @ Monkey Madness; Death 2: Mr Mammal @ Zulrah; Death 3: Mr Mammal @ CoX (Olm)
!Lizardkicker/me The green drink is a scuffed ranged pot (+4) from the Shayzien bar
!lootbeam/me Turn it on in Runelite Ground Item settings
!lostfauxcuscorp/me 32,000x Cannonballs, 2,450x Onyx bolts (e), 30x Ranarr seeds, 6x Spirit shields, 1x Holy elixir, 1x Arcane sigil (374 KC)
!lostfauxcushydra/me 5x Hydra's eye, 4x Hydra's fang, 4x Hydra's heart, 2x Hydra Tail, 6x Hydra Heads, 1x Hydra Claw (281kc), 741x Dragon thrownaxes, 1x Hydra Leather
!lostzammy/me 6x Zamorakian Spear (75, 99, 183, 514, 515, 524KC), 7x Steam battlestaff (236, 456, 652, 714, 795, 952, 987KC), 1x Staff of the dead (536KC), 1x Zamorak hilt (1015KC)
!love{channel} has been given {count} loves.
!main/me AFK Woodcutting Mahogs for 99 Con
!marks/me Marks won't despawn at the Ardy course as long as you're consistently running the course.
!merch/me New limited release!
!money/me 1.5 hour route for ~100-130kGP
!msb/me Using MSB w/ rune arrows instead of BP becuase I'm out of scales.
!name/me Goose_Farmer = Onlyfaux
!newvideo/me HCIM Progress #3 [The Progress is FLYING]
!nex/me Items seen: 1x Zaryte vambraces, 1x Nexling (pet), 2x Torva platelegs, 2x Nihil horn, 3x Torva platebody
!nmz/me NMZ Boss setup:
!nord/me We're sponsored by NordVPN! You can check out all Nord has to offer by clicking the panel below the stream!
!notify/me *Runelite* settings > notifications settings > Turn on notification sound and flash. Then go to *Impling* settings > set crystal implings to Notify
!onlyfaux/me Goose Farmer = Onlyfaux
!PCNew build inc:
!pegasian/me 1525 KC
!petsLost Fauxcus: Skotos x3, Chompy chick, Pet snakeling, Hellpuppy x2, Tangleroot, Kree'Arra Jr., Abyssal orphan, Pet dagannoth rex, Pet dagannoth supreme, Youngllef, Heron | Goose-Farmer: Heron, Skotos, Hellpuppy, Pet snakeling, Pet zilyana | Farmer Faux: Tangleroot, Youngllef, Hellpuppy
!phishing/me Watch out for fake streams:
!pick/me I Risked my Account for a Dragon Pickaxe:
!planked/me Got in a fight:
!popup/me Go to "All settings" by clicking the wrench icon, search "Log", change drop-down to "Pop-up"
!pride1PrideShrug PrideFloat PridePog PrideCute PrideLaugh PrideUwu PrideRhino PrideLGBTea PrideToucan PrideDragon PrideUnicorn PrideWave PridePenguin PrideFlower PrideLion PrideHeartL PrideHeartR PrideRise PrideStrong PrideLove PrideHeyyy PrideKoala PrideCrown PridePaint PrideWorld
!progress/me Lost Fauxcus Progress: (
!raids/me Lost Fauxcus: 3x Dexterous prayer scroll, 6x Arcane prayer scroll, 1x Dragon hunter crossbow, 1x Twisted bow, 1x Dragon claws (last drop: 380) Goose_Farmer: 1x Dragon hunter crossbow, 4x Dexterous prayer scroll, 1x Ancestral hat (last drop: 207)
!raidshelpWant reliable groups for raiding? Are new to raids and nobody will teach you? Maybe you're an experienced raider and want to teach others? Join the WeDoRaids community! /
!rangedmethod/me Ranged method is not good for my blood pressure
!rangers/me 131 KC POGPLANT
!rates/me Drop rate increases of unique items:
!RC/me ZMI Altar || Runelite settings to shift fill pouches/drink stam w/ bank open: || Trade has better pathing than follow.
!reclaim/me Talk to tutor to reclaim items
!redeemHelp @faux unlock brand new Legion & Intel gear by contributing to the Channel Points pool. They’re free! What do you have to lose?
!rex/me Pet dagannoth rex (503KC):
!ribs/me they ok
!Ridge/me A slim, RFID-blocking wallet designed to streamline! Use code FAUX for 10% off!
!rocky2Second Rocky Pet, 90 Thieving PogChamp
!rope/me Full Spirit Angler acts as a rope
!runefestMy Runefest 2016 Experience
!sara/me 2x Saradomin sword, 1x Pet Zilyana (190kc), 1x Armadyl crossbow (320kc)
!scamtrain/me Current record: 2673%
!scythe/me League Scythe of vitur, 5kc
!seasonalRead more here:
!SeasonsRead more here:
!seriesLost Fauxcus Youtube Series:
!server/me Sulfuras (Horde)
!sigil/me Arcane Sigil (374 KC)
!sire/me Bludgeon axon (186kc), Abyssal dagger (216kc), Abby Head (274kc), Bludgeon Spine (277kc), Jar of miasma (278kc), Abyssal Orphan (511kc), Bludgeon Claw (530kc)
!smoker/me Rec Tec 340 Pellet Smoker
!snakeling/me 610 KC
!specs/me 3 DWH, 20 Arclight, 200 BGS damage. DWH specs lower def by ~65%. Arclight specs then lower all melee stats to 0. BGS specs finally lower mage to 0. Use Special Attack Counter in Runelite.
!squares Winner of each quarter gets a bond. Summa_slayer, Zaldkar, t_a_p_i, antisticcc
!staminasmaking 1 dose potions gives amulets of chemistry 3x more usefulness
!starttimeThe Final Hour will start when it starts who can say for sure
!subcount/me like 10
!subtember/me Gifted and regular subs are 20% off this month. Join us fauxReady
!supreme/me Pet dagannoth supreme (600KC):
!tab/me Bank Tag Layouts plugin in the Runelite plugin hub
!task/me If you can't get a task, ask the slayer master to ignore your combat level
!Tbow/me 135KC Farmer Faux
!tbpets/me Abyssal orphan
!testHere's the results of the 6 hour test:
!thieving/me I'm using a plugin called "Inventory Viewer" to see what's in my inventory, I moved it over my actual inventory location by holding alt
!thing/me Soulbearer, banks ensouled heads. "Bear your Souls" miniquest
!This/me You're cute
!tiles/me The marked tiles in the Hunllef room are safespots for random floor patterns AFTER Hunllef falls below 34% health.
!tlI'm done with Twisted League, not going for Dragon rank.
!tob/me Lost Fauxcus: 1x Sanguinesti staff (25KC), 1x Ghrazi rapier (31KC), 2x Avernic defender hilt (107KC, 113KC) Goose_Farmer: 2x Avernic defender hilt (7KC, 9KC)
!today/me 2x Occult necklace (Faux), 1x Dragon harpoon (Mammal)
!train/me Boss loot sacrifice counter: 0
!tunnelI don't kill anything in the tunnels other than barrows brothers. The only thing I want is armour/weapons, kill count doesn't contribute to that
!uim/me UIM name: Fauxltimate. Quit the acc years ago, never playing again.
!unsiredUnsired Count: 6
!valheim/me Server currently down, will get on later if it comes back up
!veracI don't only kill verac because you have a significantly lower chance of getting the helmet with only 1 brother KC. The best odds come from a 6-brother chest
!vertagear/me Check out the Vertagear panel below the stream if you're looking for a new gaming chair!
!vorkath/me Killing to bank 99 pray/cook/craft & money for Smith/Fletch/Con
!when/me When the team's ready/stronger
!why/me I'm doing X because I currently feel like X is the best thing for me to do
!wikiNew wiki site:
!wowI am playing on Fairbanks with my community (Na PvP - Alliance). Human Warrior
!wowserveri'll be playing on Fairbanks with my community (Na PvP - Alliance). Human Warrior :D
!x/me Withdraw "x" settings:
!xp/me 70-75k xp/hr, giant seaweed+sandstone is more efficient
!yesterday/me 1x Youngllef (Roidie, 367KC), 1x Avernic defender hilt (Roidie - main)
!zammy/me 1x Staff of the dead (22kc), 2x Zammy hilt (29kc, 102kc), 1x Zamorakian spear (104kc)
!zenyte/me 4/4 (23kc, 155kc, 228kc, 605kc)
!zones/me 1. Kandarin fauxY | 2. Morytania fauxY | 3. Asgarnia fauxY
!zukINFERNAL CAPE! fauxMilk fauxMilked
!zulrah/me 1x Jar of swamp (54KC), 2x Magic fang (278KC), 2x Uncut onyx (417KC), 1x Serpentine visage (439KC), 2x Tanzanite fang (532KC), Snakeling (610KC)
"!addcom"its coming home" /timeout {touser} 86400"
fauxPepegafauxPepega {count}
itscominghome/timeout {touser} 86400"