Commands for: faux

!acb61kc PogChamp
!acp1x Armadyl Chestplate (3KC)
!addonsQuestie, MonkeyQuest, Leatrix Plus, Leatrix Maps, Quartz, Details (DPS meter), RealMobHealth, Titan Panel Clasic, Threat plates (enemy cast bar+nameplate)
!allstarsFinished Top 16 PepeLaugh
!aqpA q p
!arcane374 KC
!arcanescroll6 KC (Lost Fauxcus)
!arma2x Armadyl Chestplate (3KC, 117KC) 1x Pet Kree'arra (150kc)
!bandos4x Bandos Boots, 1x Bandos Hilt (236KC), 2x Bandos Chestplate (297KC, 363KC) 1x Bandos Tassets (600KC)
!barrowsTorag's Hammers, Torag's Platebody, 3x Torag's Platelegs, 3x Ahrim's Hood, 2x Ahrim's Robetop, 4x Ahrim's Robeskirt, Karil Leathertop, 2x Karil's Leatherskirt, 3x Karil's Crossbow, 2x Guthan's Helm, 2x Guthan's platebody, 4x Guthan's Spear, Verac's Helm, Verac's Brassard, 2x Verac's Flail, Dharok's Platebody, Dharok's Helm, 3x Dharok's Greataxe, 2x Dharok's Platelegs (1st full set completed)!
!batsBat Finder plugin. Go to runelite settings, scroll down all the way, click plugin hub, search "bat"
!bcp1x Bandos Chestplate (297 KC)
!beaverWhacks the Beaver, obtained at 45 Woodcutting.
!bird FeelsBadMan 🕯
!bisBIS Twisted League Gear
!boots(Lost Fauxcus) 13 kc PogChamp
!brimstone395 KC for all 3 drops.
!CannonThe cannon is placed to show someone's doing Corp on this world
!capeINFERNAL CAPE! fauxMilk fauxMilked
!cerb[Lost Fauxcus] - 6x Smouldering Stones, 3x Eternal Crystal, 6x Primordial Crystals, 2x Hellpuppy, 1x Jar of Souls, 1x Pegasian crystal
!christmasHaha2020 HahaNyandeer HahaBall HahaDreidel HahaBaby HahaCat HahaDoge HahaNutcracker HahaLean HahaHide HahaGoose HahaGingercat HahaElf HahaPoint HahaSnowhal HahaPresent HahaReindeer HahaShrugLeft HahaShrugMiddle HahaTurtledove HahaThisisfine HahaThink HahaSweat HahaSleep HahaShrugRight
!claw281 KC
!clueCrack the clue 2 information:
!coreBlack Tourmaline Core, 282 kc PogChamp
!corp30,000x Cannonballs, 2,275x Onyx bolts (e), 30x Ranarr seeds, 5x Spirit shields, 1x Holy elixir, 1x Arcane sigil (374 KC)
!cox2x Dexterous Prayer Scroll, 3x Arcane Prayer Scroll, 1x Dragon Hunter Crossbow
!CryptoIt's now possible to donate with BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC! These work similar to regular donations, meaning notifications and song requests still work. fauxCoin
!ctcsolutionIn order to obtain the helmet, the player must dig between the four iron rocks by the cave entrance east of the Clock Tower while having a spade, a nature rune, a superantipoison with one dose remaining, and a pair of leather boots.
!dcFull DC in Grotesque Guardian room: Logging in on 22hp 0 pray:
!deadmanFind out info about it here:
!deathstodayFeelsBadMan never ending
!dexDexterous Prayer Scroll - 23 KC
!dpickI Risked my Account for a Dragon Pickaxe:
!dwh9,021 KC
!elixirHoly Elixir (337 KC)
!emotesFrom December 3, 2019 to January 3, 2020, earn emotes for yourself and fellow community members by Cheering, Subscribing, or Gifting Subscriptions HahaDoge HahaThink HahaSweat
!facecamNo face cam today because streamer is feeling particularly ugly today.
!fauxarma1x Arma Chainskirt (38kc), 1x Arma Helm (50kc), 1x Arma Chestplate(61kc)
!fauxcusFauxcus died, 10/11/2016 - 21/06/2018 fauxHC
!fauxcuscorp10x Holy Elixirs, 27x Spirit Shields, 14700x Onyx Bolts (e), 2x Elite Clue, 1x Arcane Sigil
!fauxcuspetsBeaver (45 WC), Rocky x2 (50, 90 Thieving), Smoke Devil (12 KC), Chompy (64 KC), Abby Orphan (86 KC), K'ril Tsutsaroth (31 KC), Heron (86 Fishing), Rock Golem (82 Mining), Zilyana (628 KC), Supreme (551 KC), Snakeling (1834 KC)
!fireHow to block the fire phase
!gemEternal Gem, 74 KC
!giftTwitch added unique Sub Gift badges fauxGACHI . Check em out here!
!giveawayBig Twitter Giveaway
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!gnomeWon the Golden Gnome for Best Oldschool Runescape Streamer! fauxFlex1 fauxFlex2
!goalsCoX Uniques, Arma Skirt
!guideI am not currently using a guide for Hardcore Ironman, however, here is a good guide for starting an Ironman written by a maxed Ironman.
!hatAncestral Hat, 45 KC
!hcpetsLost Fauxcus: Skotos (12KC, 35KC), Pet Snakeling (19 KC), Hellpuppy (1690 KC)
!heartImbued Heart, 79 KC
!heatmapHeatmap of Hardcore Ironman Deaths:
!hellpuppyHellpuppy 1690 KC [Lost Fauxcus]
!heron Got it at 86 fishing.
!hiltSARA HILT 216 KC!!
!hintPika's Final Hint:
!hunterscheerCheering with "HuntersCheer" emote adds 20% to your bit donation roidieStonks
!hydra5x Hydra's eye, 4x Hydra's fang, 4x Hydra's heart, 2x Hydra Tail, 6x Hydra Heads fauxPepega , 1x Hydra Claw (281kc), 741x Dragon thrownaxes, 1x Hydra Leather
!ice1Ice's Pov: Paul's Pov:
!infernoINFERNAL CAPE! fauxMilk fauxMilked
!ironfauxThis account is not an official Ironman, primarily because the account was made 7 months before the Ironman mode came out. This was one of the accounts which inspired Jagex to create an Ironman mode. Nearly everything I do on the account falls in line with Ironman rules, with the exception of small things like using redirection scrolls.
!Jaw784 KC on task
!krilPet k'ril tsutsaroth, 31 kc PogChamp
!linkImgur and Gyazo links are allowed, but only runescape-related images please
!love{channel} has been given {count} loves.
!merchFaux Merch PogChamp
!mineWoox's new solo Volcanic Mine method
!miwiFirst HCIM Twisted Bow
!newwikiThe new official Oldschool Runescape Wiki can be found at
!nightmareThe Nightmare of Ashihama LOOT COMPETITION:
!nordI'm now sponsored by NordVPN! You can get 3-year plan with 70% off plus an additional month free at or use coupon code Faux at checkout!
!pbINFERNAL CAPE! fauxMilk fauxMilked
!PCNew build inc:
!peg3,169 KC. 1 Pegasian.
!pegasian3,169 KC. 1 Pegasian.
!petsSkotos x3, Chompy Chick, Pet Snakeling, Hellpuppy x2, Tangleroot, Kree'Arra Jr., Abyssal Orphan
!phishingDon't fall for stupid stuff, I don't give away shit. How to not get hacked:
!pickI Risked my Account for a Dragon Pickaxe:
!potatoTuna Potato count (after 1,000 KC): 690
!pride1PrideAsexual PrideBalloons PrideBisexual PrideCheers PrideFlag PrideGasp PrideGive PrideHi PrideLesbian PrideLionChomp PrideLionHey PrideLionYay PridePan PrideParty PrideSaba PrideShine PrideTake PrideTrans PrideWingL PrideWingR
!primordialPrimordial Crystal, 1276 KC (Broke 830 kill drystreak)
!primsPrimordial Crystal, 1276 KC (Broke 830 kill drystreak)
!raids2x Dexterous Prayer Scroll, 3x Arcane Prayer Scroll, 1x Dragon Hunter Crossbow
!raidshelpWant reliable groups for raiding? Are new to raids and nobody will teach you? Maybe you're an experienced raider and want to teach others? Join the WeDoRaids community! /
!rangersRanger Boots on Medium clue 128
!relicsMy relics: || My relic reasoning:
!ritaDays without RJCIW 24hr timeout: 0 (High score: 5 days)
!rockyHello, meet my pal Rocky. RaccAttack Got it at 50 thieving
!rocky2Second Rocky Pet, 90 Thieving PogChamp
!runefestMy Runefest 2016 Experience
!same31. Dragon Bolts | 2. Slay staff adds a tick delay | 3. Walking to avoid the fireball
!sara2x Saradomin Swords, 1x Armadyl Crossbow (61kc), 1x Saradomin Hilt (216kc)
!seasonalRead more here:
!SeasonsRead more here:
!seriesLost Fauxcus Youtube Series:
!shirtFaux Merch PogChamp
!sigilArcane Sigil (374 KC)
!sireBludgeon axon (186kc), Abyssal dagger (216kc), Abby Head (274kc), Bludgeon Spine (277kc), Jar of miasma (278kc), Abyssal Orphan (511kc), Bludgeon Claw (530kc)
!skotosSkotos Pet, 12 KC
!specs3 DWH, 20 Arclight, 200 BGS damage. DWH specs lower def by ~65%. Arclight specs then lower all melee stats to 0. BGS specs finally lower mage to 0.
!squares Winner of each quarter gets a bond. Summa_slayer, Zaldkar, t_a_p_i, antisticcc
!staffStaff of the Dead, 3 KC PogChamp
!staminasmaking 1 dose potions gives amulets of chemistry 3x more usefulness
!starttimeThe Final Hour will start when it starts who can say for sure
!statsFauxcus: || Lost Fauxcus:
!subShow your mom this to get momsCC to subscribe:
!subcountlike 5
!SubtemberTier 1 subs are now 50% off! Streamers will receive the FULL value of the sub, (IRL Doubling money in 1 trade). Bonus Bits are also active, adding 10% for free when cheered using the Subway Cheermote
!testHere's the results of the 6 hour test:
!thingSoul Bearer, banks ensouled heads for you. It is obtained by completing the bear your soul miniquest
!tlI'm done with Twisted League, not going for Dragon rank.
!trainBoss loot sacrifice counter: 2
!tunnelI don't kill anything in the tunnels other than barrows brothers. The only thing I want is armour/weapons, kill count doesn't contribute to that
!unsiredUnsired Count: 6
!veracI don't only kill verac because you have a significantly lower chance of getting the helmet with only 1 brother KC. The best odds come from a 6-brother chest
!visageDraconic Visage on Fauxcus
!webcamCoronavirus got my webcam. New one gets here tomorrow
!wikiNew wiki site:
!wowI am playing on Fairbanks with my community (Na PvP - Alliance). Human Warrior
!wowserveri'll be playing on Fairbanks with my community (Na PvP - Alliance). Human Warrior :D
!zukINFERNAL CAPE! fauxMilk fauxMilked
!zulrah1x Magic Fang (242 KC), 2x Serpentine Visage (658 KC, 862 KC), 1x Uncut Onyx (670 KC), 1x Tanzanite Fang (1037 KC), 1x Zulrah Pet 19kc
fauxPepegafauxPepega {count}