Commands for: bjorn

!afk{sender} is now afk. :(
!alt''VVona Alt'', currently getting 99 Ranged in NMZ // !stats
!back{sender} is now back. :)
!bttvIf you are unable to see emotes like 'KKona' or 'RareWoox', download BTTV for Chrome and enable 'BTTV Emotes and BTTV GIF Emotes' in the settings:
!goalsOff stream: Infernal Cape (!inferno) // On stream: 1b overall exp & 1,000 Slayer tasks completed
!keyboardRazer Ornata Chrome RZ03-0204
!love/me loves the :radio: :notes:
!mixesDnB: // Trance: // (Minimal) Techno:
!mouseLogitech G403 (900 dpi, 6/11 Windows sensitivity, precision unticked)
!oatre 🛏 bjornoCozy 🤳
!petsRift Guardian (Runecrafting), Heron (Fishing), Giant squirrel (Agility), Beaver (Woodcutting), Rock Golem (Mining) Tangleroot (Farming) and Pet snakeling (Zulrah)
!phishingPlease be aware that any kind of quitting, give away or double exp stream in the OSRS category is fake:
!playlistDnB: // Liquicity: // Trance: // Hardstyle: // Laptop: // PK: // Brothers:
!rdaltProfit: 1.75m/hr // Gear: // Quest list: // Recommended stats: 90s+ melee, 88 prayer
!statsMain: // Alt: