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!afk{sender} is now afk. :(
!altProfit: 1.5m/hr // Setup: // Quest list: // Recommended stats: 90s+ melee, 88 prayer
!altarSame xp/bone as a Gilded Altar in POH, though there is 50% chance the offered bone will not be consumed.
!back{sender} is now back. :)
!barragingBursting/barraging in MM2 tunnels:
!bttvIf you are unable to see emotes like 'KKona' or 'RareWoox', download BTTV for Chrome and enable 'BTTV Emotes and BTTV GIF Emotes' in the settings:
!burstingBursting/barraging in MM2 tunnels:
!buryLeft-click ''use'' for bones: Runelite -> Settings -> Menu Entry Swapper -> Item Swaps -> Bury
!keyboardRazer Ornata Chrome RZ03-0204
!mixesDnB: // Trance: // Tech(no):
!mouseLogitech G403 (800 dpi, 6/11 Windows sensitivity, precision unticked)
!natsRunecraft 1.2m Nature runes to bank 200m Farming. 1m gp/hr, only reason is nostalgia.
!nmzNormal rumble, 20 mins afk, 1 scb sip w/ preserve, Roald/Snake/Me/Tree Spirit/Warlord, gear: (~90k xp/hr)
!oatre 🛏 bjornoCozy 🤳
!petsAll skilling pets & Zulrah
!phishingPlease be aware that any kind of quitting, give away or double exp stream in the OSRS category is fake:
!playlistThe playlists are now available on !spotify and !youtube
!plug bjornoPlug
!plunderPyramid Plunder is ~240k xp/hr at 91+ Thieving. Pet chance only on the Grand Gold Chest:
!primeTry Twitch bjornoPrime for a 🆓 SUBSCRIPTION, games, and ingame loot! Just link any Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account!
!rdaltProfit: 1.5m/hr // Setup: // Quest list: // Recommended stats: 90s+ melee, 88 prayer
!spotifyDnB: // Trance: // Hardstyle: // Tech(no): // All-in-one:
!srSong requests are 100,000 Channel Points / 300 bits / £3 / resub / gifted sub bjornoChune
!statsMain: // Alt:
!tap ⬜ ⬛
!vmJoin this discord to learn and find teams for Volcanic Mine. All info and roles are displayed under "vm information"
!vornado🌋 Clap
!youtubeDnB: // Trance: // Hardstyle: // Tech(no): // All-in-one: