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!crazyhuman12Did you know he's crazy!
!disclaimer"The Benpai Twitch channel does not support or encourage the use of, or participation in any illegal activities :) "
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
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!lurkI just want to say a hi and a thank you to all the lurkers for stopping by :)
!RWTrying to route a category for Robot Wars: Extreme destruction :) play through all 8 stages in competition mode with no cheating :) it's a long one!
!shoutoutCheckout {args:0} over at{args:0}
!smokebreakSmoke 'em if you got 'em 🚬
!subscribeFor only 4.99 at you can subscribe to me and get the ability to join the party of the PAI PALS in any stream on twitch! You'll also gain access to the sub only role on the Discord server meaning you get those sick emotes anywhere on discord!
!tournamentFollow to watch the tournament race that I'm in :) Next race starts at 5PM UTC (6PM BST / 1PM EST / 3AM AEST) 19-20/09/2019 BabyRage
/banbenpaiRed RED CARD! benpaiRed
/timeoutbenpaiYellow Ref bots given a warning! banpaiYellow
benpaiHeybenpaiYo {touser}
benpaiYobenpaiYo {touser}
HeyGuysbenpaiYo {touser}
PrideLionHeyPrideLionHey {touser} ... I mean benpaiYo
VoHiYobenpaiYo {touser}
wifiYobenpaiYo {touser}