Commands for: aquadreams

!actualpbI have a 1:34:05 on 60 fps but I decided to pump the fps up for that extra bit of speedboost
!bestmodbtwIt's Sid because he isn't a boomer unlike Cal and Ben aquadr2Chad
!bripChat has Bripped {random:1000} times!
!brrrAqua has brrr'd {uniquecount} times
!burpStreamer has burped {count} times
!buttshut up buttsbot ResidentSleeper
!crazyhuman12IT'S CRAZY HUMAN 12!!!!!!!!!
!disclaimerAquaDreams and the AquaDreams moderation team do not condone the use of illicit substances or crimes in general. Any references to illegal activities are intended to be taken in a comedic manner and not truly promoting such activities.
!discordJoin my discord server, we chill out sometimes
!donateTo help my channel out I will appreciate you forever <3
!doyourbestDo Your Best has been played {uniquecount} times!
!ears😩 👂
!EEEasily Entertained is my Horror/Movie/Media Review channel that I do with Slater.
!fallAqua's Chair has fallen {uniquecount} times
!fartStreamer has farted {uniquecount} times
!followageTo see your followage use !followed instead :)
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!greenmeanShrek has said "I'M A GREEN, MEAN, FIGHTING MACHINE" {count} times
!hiddenMy splits are hidden for me, so don't go ahead and tell me the time. Thank you :)
!howeverAqua has said however {uniquecount} times
!kachowAqua has said Kachow {uniquecount} times
!love{channel} has been given {count} loves.
!lovestreamAn annual event that features our one and only love guru AquaDreams. Support with some love bits.
!mediashareDonate £1 or more and you can media share.
!MoralisAsh has said Moral Is {count} times
!newvidWe have Office Chair % Highlights premiering at 7PM tonight. Set a notification
!nextsubgoalIf we reach 15 subs Aqua will do a casual playthrough of SHAR on stream and will 100% it. Sounds low key banging to me. (dreambot)(totally not aqua))
!noresetWhat do you want from me. You want me to babybird this information to you? I'll do it i'm not worried. Makes you insecure? I call it no resetting :) Once you start you don't backpedal.
!orderFor these minecraft streams, you can donate upwards of £1/100 bits or subscribe and then order me what to do. Yes, you have the power to decide something I do in minecraft. You can be as cruel as you want, as nice as you can conjure or just tell me to make a massive monument of a penis. The power is in your hands. Any donations, or joining in with Orders are appreciated, thank you.
!pbMy current PB is 1:34:05
!PBChanceThe chance of Aqua PB'ing this run is: {random:100}%
!practiceHave I been practicing, fuck no. Blame Sid he made me wanna play Mario Kart Wii instead
!rumbleNo spoilers about the upcoming royal rumble. I've been trying to avoid them like a bastard
!sadAqua does YouTube videos now! From Pokemon reviews to Countdowns, it'll probably have something you love :)
!shartitleASM more like always sucking (at) missions
!snapchatFollow me on Snapchat @RealAquaDreams
!sneezeAqua has sneezed and fallen in {uniquecount} holes!
!social Snapchat: RealAquaDreams
!splitsThis is not my pb, my pb is actually a 1:36:26. However since I have stopped making any real progress I decided to do a no reset for new splits and are going to grind them down.
!stuffAlright this is an All Categories (that I run) run, so that is Any% NG+, All Tasks, NMW and ASM. $2 media share is on the whole time. This will be a long fucker, so it'll be alright.
!subgoalIf we reach 15 subs Ash will do a casual 100% playthrough of SHAR on stream. It'll be a chill vibe and a complete change of pace.
!subgoalsIf we reach 15 subs we will do a Casual SHAR 100% playthrough. A much more chill runthrough where we get to enjoy everything If we reach 20 subs we will do All Categories (that I run) 3
!subsFor tonight for every first time sub tonight (because new subs are 20% off), I will gift a sub back to the community. If we reach 45 subs I will do a SHAR stream whilst pedalling away on an exercise bike, where chat can demand that I go faster.
!subscribecommand for mobile people
!subtemberAll new subs are cheap or somethign
!throneWanna buy me a gift I've selected or select one yourself. It's like an Amazon wishlist except it isn't gonna dox my whole ass identity.
!TournamentA race is going on at that I will be partaking in. So make sure to check it out.
!trifectaThis stream will consist of three speedruns, SHAR ASM, Shrek 2 and Scooby Doo and The Cyber Chase
!trioI am playing SHAR, WSPC and Scooby Doo and The Cyber Chase back to back to back.
!wankbreakThe mods are probably having a 🍆 at the moment... Stand by
!welcomeHello, To anyone new to the stream, welcome! I hope you are enjoying the content of this channel I am creating and working hard to produce. So if you are enjoying this channel, click the follow button! It is greatly appreciated and it will scare him and possibly us. It is quite a sight. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away!
!whyareyoushitI haven't played this game in months. I am a monstrosity
!willieAqua's Willie is at {random:100}%
!yawnAqua has yawned {uniquecount} times
"Yeah,butts! Innit?" - AquaDreams, 2020