Commands for: aquadreams

!bestmodbtwIs clearly Sid because he doesn't stink like the others :)
!crazyhuman12IT'S CRAZY HUMAN 12!!!!!!!!!
!disclaimerThe aquadreams network does not condone the use of any illegal substances in your area
!discordJoin my discord server, we chill out sometimes
!donateTo help my channel out I will appreciate you forever <3
!DonoGoalThis money will be put towards upgrading my set up and to upgrade my streaming in general. I'll be upgrading my CPU and RAM which should make different games more viable. Any contributions would be appreciated. Thank you
!drinkSip your drink if: Missing a strat, Doesnt like an SR, Mentions weed, Mentions sex, Rainbows or Resets.Finish your drink if: Game crash, Stream dies or changes game
!dupesclauseThis means that if you encounter a Pokemon you already have, as your first encounter you can skip it and catch something else.
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!hiddenMy splits are hidden for me, so don't go ahead and tell me the time. Thank you :)
!loveaqua is doing a (late) valentines stream. so if you want to donate some bits make sure it is the ShowLove bit so you can make aqua a happier person :)
!love{channel} has been given {count} loves.
!lovestreamAn annual event that features our one and only love guru AquaDreams. Support with some love bits.
!mediashareDonate £5 or more and you can media share.
!nuzlockerulesThe rules are as followed: 1. You must nickname all your pokemon. 2. You can only catch the first pokemon encounter in each route. 3. If your pokemon faint, they are dead. 4. If I see a shiny, I am catching it. 5.If I encounter a pokemon I have already caught, I have the chance to catch the next available first encounter
!patreonI now have a patreon which I am using in order to help me produce more content, which is higher quality than my streams. If you like me and my content, please pledge as it will greatly help me out.
!shartitleASM more like always sucking (at) missions
!shinyclauseThis clause allows a shiny catch, even if it is not the first encounter in a route. Shinies are exempt from the Nuzlocke rule
!snapchatFollow me on Snapchat @RealAquaDreams
!socialYoutube: Twitter:
!Sparrowis snorting some good stuff rn, please stand by aquadr2Chad
!subgoalIf we hit 25 subs, I will do a casual run of resident evil 4
!subscribecommand for mobile people
!subtemberThis SUBtember has been generous and it means that new Subs: 1/2 Price with Gifted/Prime (continued) 1/2 price to renew 10% + bits on top of what you give New Subs. Since you've been so lovely, for every 500 bits, gifted sub and sub you give, I will give one back to the community. As you are all lovely
!TournamentA race is going on at that I will be partaking in. So make sure to check it out.
!trifectaThis stream will consist of three speedruns, SHAR ASM, Shrek 2 and Scooby Doo and The Cyber Chase
!welcomeHello, To anyone new to the stream, welcome! I hope you are enjoying the content of this channel I am creating and working hard to produce. So if you are enjoying this channel, click the follow button! It is greatly appreciated and it will scare him and possibly us. It is quite a sight. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away!