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!4Cs(1) Cum, (2) Construction, (3) Christmas, (4) Cunt
!abi/me Go follow Abi PogChamp
!agility/me The streamer started agility at 21:41 GMT, with 114 laps to go.
!agilitylevelNot high enough.
!ags/me Here are Tom's AGS Pks. AGS PK #1: AGS PK #2: AGS PK #3:
!aoaa/me AOAA stands for Annotations of an Autopsy, it's an old band Tom used to like and named his RuneScape account and YouTube channel after it.
!autoprayerif you're enjoying the stream. Help tom afford a trip to the phillipeans for a hair transplant surgery. aoaaGift aoaaGift aoaaGift
!badstreamThis guy read books whilst streaming and talking and playing video game
!bald/me yeah, he's lost it
!bdayEveryone don't forget to congratulate Tom! Today is his birthday!
!bedsheets/me {sender} has been entered to Tom's Bedsheets giveaway. The winner will be announced at the end of the stream. Good Luck!
!bioMy name's Tom! I'm a 52 year old concreter from Scotland. I stream Doki Doki, with gangbanging being my main focus. I love to have a laugh and a good time with my fellow builders. I actively have sex with my viewers on stream so come and get involved!
!birthdayIt's Tom's Birthday today! Everyone wish him a happy birthday FeelsBirthdayMan
!boostRedeem the "boost stream" channel points reward to help support the stream for FREE!! aoaaGang aoaaH aoaaGang
!brainpower/me O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U-JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A-E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A-JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA
!bring/me 64 KC -
!bttvDownload BTTV for Chrome: For Firefox:
!bunkbedBusiness up top, party on the bottom!
!bunkbudsFriends that bunk together stay together
!cape{sender} has been entered to Tom's Fire Cape giveaway. The winner will be announced at the end of the stream. Good Luck!!!!
!celeb/me To see the Celebrity Scrap Of The Day and all the best bits, check out the video I put together here!
!chair/me Here is Tom's chair:
!chaosChaos Mod redefines my gameplay experience, and users in the chat can vote on what random effect/mod to spring upon me to ruin my story mode
!chatstats/me Follow the link to see the chat stats for this channel:
!coffee/me yeah, he's wankin it
!companyIf you're interested in joining Broke Boyz, holla at the discord wee wam:
!cousincount/me Cousin Count : {count}
!cryptoIf you'd like to tip the stream via cryptocurrency, you can do so using this link;
!cumCUM WITH ME CHAT aoaaFAP MilkSplash
!deaths70 aoaaRave
!delayThere is no delay at the moment.
!disclaimer/me Top Right Senior reserves fulls rights to ignore any channel points' redemption at his own discretion. Thank You.
!discord/me You can find Tom's discord here:
!discordaoaagold/me To Join the AOAAGold Discord:
!dmmDeadman Reborn Blogpost:
!donate/me Donating to my stream supports me directly
!door/me {sender} has been entered into toms door giveaway. The winner will be announced at the end of the stream Good Luck!
!dropsDrops for New World are ENABLED! - Come chill and enjoy the rewards :)
!drsuk/me /me /me /me /me Second best mod after Mozen aoaaW
!failedMission has been failed {count} times. aoaaW
!follow/me If you're enjoying the stream, please take a moment to follow me and click the bell icon to be notified when I go live!
!followage/me {sender} It's !followed :)
!fortnite/me Tom's fortnite username is: AOAATube.
!fulltime/me "Full Time streamer" 4Head
!gta/me Tom's Name on GTA is "SkinCoatedBacon"
!hair/me The streamer has hair? aoaa4Head
!hat/me The hat for revs is called a Menaphite Red Hat.
!hbd/me aoaaB Happy aoaaB Birthday aoaaB To aoaaB You aoaaB Happy aoaaB Birthday aoaaB To aoaaB You aoaaB Happy aoaaB Birthday aoaaB Dear aoaaB Big aoaaB Nose aoaaB Happy aoaaB Birthday aoaaB To aoaaB You aoaaB
!hdOldschool HD (created by 117) has been released on runelite! Install it by searching for 'HD' on the plugin hub.
!hoover/me I live in a clean environment :)
!house/me The house decoration is a reward from Twisted League. You can buy the Twisted Blueprints from the Grand Exchange, then take them to an Estate Agent. The blueprints are currently 20m-25m.
!howlong/me {sender} It's !followed. :)
!instagram/me Follow me on instagram for snaps of my life, if that bothers you. probably not.
!ipad/me {sender} has been entered into toms ipad giveaway. The winner will be announced at the end of the stream Good Luck!
!ironkills/me Tom has killed {count} Ironmen.
!itam/me Visit and enter code "AOAATube" for 10% off of your purchase, and I make a little off it too!
!joeaoaaBaked im not very computery
!joeyFollow joe on twitch! he's my flatmate and he's streaming regularly now.
!kettle/me yeah, he's wankin it
!love/me aoaaH aoaaH aoaaH aoaaH
!mainmy main was hacked 2 days ago for about 2b. didn't have auth, rip
!mobile/me Visit to find out more about Oldschool Runescape on mobile.
!multistreamyou can watch me Joe & Josh using this link!
!nameSir Tomathan The Baked, First of His Name, Kicker of Cats, Fucker of Fences, Crypto Scammer of the Year, Construction Company CEO, Crackhead Beatdown Specialist, Shagger of Dads, Tongue-tapper of Ballsacks, Breeder of Hamsters
!names/me If you would like to have red names for non-clan members in the wilderness, please follow this guide:
!ned/me "Unfortunately, the air-con in my room was broken so I had to sleep in the fucking cinema room, the 12ft screen takes up so much space..." hi_alch_coin
!newspost/me Lastest OSRS Newspost:
!nicknames/me I have quite a few nicknames. Feel free to call me, Big Nose, Fence Fucker, Nigel, Top Right, Mariahfan69, Harry Potter and Tommy Two Pumps. Ask any of the mods for some more nicknames!
!niketowerTom is trying to collect enough Nike shoes to stack the shoe boxes high enough to surpass the height of the Burj Khalifa.
!noblechairs/me Recently got a sweet deal with noblechairs. If you want to sit on your ass in comfort, click the link. It supports me whenever you buy a chair
!non-drip/me Semen Collection Tray.
!nosetweaks{channel} has had {count} nose tweaks.
!oceanmanOCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: Take me by the hand :raised_hand: lead me to the land that you understand :raised_hands: :ocean: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: The voyage :bike: to the corner of the :earth_americas: globe is a real trip :ok_hand: :ocean: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: The crust of a tan man :man_with_turban: imbibed by the sand :thumbsup: Soaking up the :sweat_drops: thirst of the land :100:
!ohmygod/me Tim Screams.
!oven/me yeah, he's wankin it
!penaltyFinn & Dylan now owe 5 gifted subs for #1 medelling with the bot and also insinuating that the streamer owes 5 gifted subs himself
!petition/me Help out Tom
!picknose/me {sender} has picked Tom's nose. Tom's nose has been picked {count} times.
!playlist/me Tom's 2019 Playlist: Tom's Streaming Playlist (Non Copyright):
!points/me Redeeming channel points for rewards enters the viewer and Tom into a binding contract whereby Tom agrees to fulfill the rewards request at earliest convenience of Tom.
!pokemongomy friend code is: 4535 8736 9448, add me if you wish to trade gifts together!
!pool/me {sender} has been entered to Tom's Adult Paddling Pool giveaway. The winner will be announced at the end of the stream. Good Luck!
!prime/me Get Prime now and subscribe for free! boatySELLOUT
!purple1x Elder Maul
!pvpupdates/me Here are the latest updates about PVP:
!quickmaths3Head Quick Maffs
!reminderDrawing game peepoRiot
!revs/me Revs in now in a private cc due to bsing. If you would like to take part, join the !discord and dm "AOAATube". Don't forget your !hat.
!riggedthese giveaways are rigged. he uses them to pay for editing and other services. so how does he pay these guys ? let them win a giveaway . rigged
!rotation/me The current PVP Rotation is on Period A:
!rule1Remember lads wank before joining the stream, not during
!rules1. If both choose Split, they each receive half the jackpot. 2. If one chooses Steal and the other chooses Split, the Steal contestant wins the entire jackpot and the Split contestant leaves with nothing. 3. If both choose Steal, neither contestant wins any money.
!sacks/me The sacks in the bottom of the inventory are Entangle sacks (green) and Teleblock sacks (purple) that allow me to cast the spells without needing the runes.
!salibawhatcha know bout meatballs?
!sandyshoresThat's quite a distance!
!satchelTHAT'S MY PURSE!
!schedule/me What Schedule 4Head
!scrapsetupClick the image to see what gear and inventory you need for Scrap Of The Day
!series/me I've stopped the series, as BH2 is out and I'm wanting to enjoy max gear!
!serverEU Runeberg
!smasheggs/me {sender} has smashed Tom's eggs. {count} eggs have now been smashed.
!snapchat/me Add me on snapchat to keep up with me when i'm not streaming :D SNAP: Bignose6969
!sotd/me SCRAP OF THE DAY; is a new stream segment where I pit my viewers against eachother in a match of 3 fights. Check out the trailer!
!specs/me i7-7700K CPU, GTX 1080 GPU, 16GB 4600Ghz RAM, Custom Made 32-inch Hat.
!spotify/me Spotify playlist
!sr/me You can request songs using 5k channel points. Additionally you can send money to the streamer if you don't have channel points. boatySELLOUT
!steam/me Here is Tom's steam profile:
!store/me Here is my AOAATube merch:
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!swigston/me "Been doing cooks assistant for 5 hours now still trying to get that pot of flower" -S_Wigston
!timefollowed/me {sender} It's !followed :)
!toaster/me {sender} has been entered to Tom's Toaster giveaway. The winner will be announced at the end of the stream. Good Luck!
!tom/me I sexually identify as Tom. Ever since I was a boy, I dreamed about playing a medival cookie clicker game while complaining about being bald for a living. I don't care, he is beautiful. Im having a crappy pc set up installed in my house along with marrying a woman I can force to do all the cooking so I can complain twice as efficiently as him. If you don't accept me you're a Tomophobe and need to check your Tompiledges.
!tornado/me The UK has just been hit with a type 5 hurricane. It has originated from the south of the UK in a town called Folkestone. Rumors are that it was started from AOAATube's Nose.
!torvestahI ToM hAvE hAvE yOu SeEn ToRvEsTaS nEw ViD
!TRcgThe Really Cool Guys, Tom, Joe, Josh, Scuffee and Tony
!trcgdiscordJoin our public TRCG discord, and get involved with the community
!trolltime/me The Bill Gates of the stream. boatySELLOUT
!truths i dont get 20k/month Kappa i been refilling my glass Kappa im going live again later Kappa joey doesnt run a train on me every night Kappa chaos mod is broken Kappa song suggestions tomorrow Kappa i didnt fuck the fence Kappa i dont wear an ankle monitor Kappa I havent tried to suck myself off Kappa
!tweaknoseSuccessfully tweaked {channel}'s HUGE nose.
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!twitterMy twitter's been suspended for DMCA; follow my alternate twitter in the meantime.
!unfollow/me Thank you for deciding to unfollow the stream. :)
!upgrade/me I've thrown the iPad Pro+ out the window and upgraded to the new model, the iPad Pro+++ I also mounted it sideways
!username/me W E L C O M E T O T H E C U M Z O N E !
!valheimWatch our Valheim group stream!
!wank/me yeah, he's kettlin it
!website/me Here is my AOAATube merch:
!wildyhub/me The new wildyhub is here! take a look at the news post for more information.
!youtube/me Here is my Youtube channel, feel free to drop me a sub!
!yusufe/me Yusufe is part of that gang shit. Fear him!!!
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alrightalright with the sad goodbyes KEKW
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aoaaSMOKEPIPE/me Any smokers? aoaaSMOKEPIPE
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tbowType fence in the chat to enter the tbow giveaway!
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