Commands for: andy_

!boost{sender} has received a speed boost! {sender} has used {count} boosts.
!countD: {count}
!dpi6/11 windows, 900 dpi, no accel
!headsetHyperX Cloud II Red
!howlong{sender} has been following {channel} since {url:{channel}&user={sender}}
!howlong2{args:0:{sender}} has been following {args:1:{channel}} since {url:{args:1:{channel}}&user={args:0:{sender}}}
!mouseRazer Deathadder Chroma
!name@{args:0:} do this
!namelookup{args:0: }
!rng{sender} your random number [1-{args:0:20}] is {random:1:{args:0:20}}
!scratchemptied out bank on my med level, tryna rebuild. the ring of suffering (ri) is in the bank but won't be used during the series unless i unlock it.
!sensitIvity6/11 windows, 900 dpi, no accel
!statsuse !cstats name
!testera {NEW} f
!thingyUsed: {count}; User: {sender}; Channel: {channel}
sdfs {touser} d