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!goalCurrent goal is base 80's
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!namOUR GOAL HAS BEEN REACHED! 2.5k going to Jasaiku, thank you guys :) if you still want to donate it will go to Jasaiku for extra support (fillings, braces, etc)
!offlynecc/me "Offlynechat" is a RS Clan chat for those that want to extend offlyne to their OSRS or RS3 gameplay, it isn't an actual clan but it is there so that offlyne can see who plays the game, and do things together, answer eachothers questions and discuss the game outside of Twitch, this is an extension of the offlyne twitch chat, and not a replacement, feel free to join if you'd like, everyone is welcome boatyH
!socialAfterpwn barely uses social media, how ever I use afterpwn for almost anything!
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