Commands for: vgr33dyv

!Alt/me Gargoyle alt is complete and now working hard to make me money on the side. Will post updates on twitter when I feel a milestone is hit :)
!bttv/me betterTTV is an addon for browsers to have an enhanced Twitch experience which includes enhancing chat and also see extra emotes that are BTTV specific and not available on Twitch globally. You can find out more and get it at
!discord/me I will consider starting one if there is enough demand.
!donate/me You don't have to, but if you decide to support me:
!goals/me Updated Goals:
!Mic/me I stream early in the morning when my housemates are still asleep. Out of respect for them, I stream with the mic off for the first hour or two.
!namNaM !
!Sandwich🥪 NaM
!song/me Above the sub goal (Spotify)
!Toucann/me Eternally grateful to @Toucann_ for giving me the push to affiliate. He is a very nice person and I cherish him as a human <3